Using Actiontiles with DockScreen android app

W_B 3 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated 1 year ago 2

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I'm a long time Actiontiles user, who recently started developing an app called DockScreen Google Play

Its an app for keeping your screen on and viewing your notifications and news, it also has a webview that can display the Actiontiles web app..

It can also autoupdate websites so it solved that problem for me with Actiontiles.

I'm wondering if any actiontiles users will test it and give some feedback for further development.. 



Looks really good👍🏻

Have tested it. Based on your picture you posted, how do you get a background picture on the screen? 

And how do you get actiontiles to fill the entire screen?


Background in Dockscreen is the same as the tablet background. 

To change the size swipe up or down on the clock. This will get you to fullscreen.

Let me know if you need more help..