Image displayed from BlueIris on my Android tablet quit working, but the same media tile displays OK on my iPad

TheLAD 1 year ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 3

Did Android change something recently to make this stop working.  For a long time I have had a media tile built to retrieve images 1/second from BlueIris my doorbell camera (EZVIZ).  The same media tile still displays fine on my iPad.  The media tile is set as a still image to this URL: http://192.168.1.xxx:yyyy/image/doorbell?user=samsung-tab-a&pw=?????????

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I should clarify .... I have been using the ActionTiles app on Android.  I just checked the GooglePlay store and it is no longer availalbe?