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Hi, i have been investigating a good solution for a touchscreen mounted on the wall. First idea was a tablet with nice looking wall bracket, but i hear it isnt really safe by having the battery plugged continuously, and removing a battery and just plugging into a different power source is not easy and not always working, from what i can find. So i started looking into either tablets or screens with and android OS that dont have a battery or a touchscreen that i can control with an external source. And here 

I am getting a bit stuck, so i am wondering about the solutions you have at your homes and what kind of recommendations there are in the market. 


While it might not be the best for the tablet's battery, most of us just leave them plugged in 24/7 (as far as I know).  Highly recommend Fire HD8 on sale (previous gen went on sale for $50 but not sure how low new one will go).  I just velcro/CommandStrip mine to the wall without frame.  

I am also using the Fire HD8 (three of them), plugged in all the time.  I use "Dockem Koala Wall Mount 2.0" that I found on Amazon.  They are great, because you can remove the tablet quickly if needed, and they use 3M Command strips.

How do people get the Amazon tablets to do things like not show ads or not show a lock screen?

I tried it with an old unit I had and couldn't get Amazon's junk completely out of the way. Native Android tablets don't have this problem and work fine.

do you have a case around the tablet to cover the power cable for example? Or is just lovely hanging there? I looked at that koala wall mount but it just doesn't look so good.

I bought the Fire HD8 "Without Special Offers" when they were on sale for the same price or less than the Fire HD8 "With Special Offers".  You have to watch the prices.

As far as the Dockem Koala Wall Mount, you hardly notice the mounts themselves.  I ended up buying 90 degree angled Micro USB adapters to power them.  Again, I like being able to just lift the tablet out of the mount whenever needed.

If you search Amazon, you'll find many options for wall mounting a Fire HD8.


I have two Amazon Fire 7 tablets mounted on the wall . 1st one is a Lux Mount.

the second is a hide it Mount. 

I wanted to be able to easily remove the tablet. I liked this mount because it was metal and sees sturdy. I used 3m comand straps so I did not screw it in. It does not look as clean and the 1st one, because you can see the power supply cord. I use Fully Browser  and Dak Screen saver and never see any of the Amazon lock screen stuff. 

For the lock screen, I turned on the Developers Options and told it not to go to sleep if the power cord is plugged in.

I have mine plugged into a smart outlet that’s set to turn on/off in 90/30 minute intervals so it’s not charging 24/7, but it seems most tablets are smart enough to be just fine on power full time anyway.


My company makes comprehensive solutions for mounting your smart home automation tablet to a wall. The mount has a sleek, "glove-like" fit. Our Makes by Mike mounts can be used either standalone (where your tablet is powered only by its internal battery) or in conjunction with our slim charging cable and power converters which enable you to hide all cables neatly behind the mount, making for a clean install. Let me know if I'm able to help you out!


thanks, I just ordered one from your site a couple of days ago with a 230v converter, looking forward to it!

Awesome, let me know how it works out for you!

any options for LG tablet?  Mine is a v521 model that I got from T-Mobile. It's an 8" screen

Highly recommend Makes by Mike - excellent mounting and power options that work perfectly.

I realize this is an old thread, but it's a perfect fit for what I want to share. For the last couple of years I’ve been using old (Gen 6-8), wall-mounted Fire HD8 tablets for my ActionTiles. These used tablets are really inexpensive on Woot or eBay (~$25), and I’ve had no problems with them powered 24/7. To mount them I designed and 3D-printed brackets that I have just started selling on eBay. They provide a clean, hidden-wire solution (see photo below). If you’re interested, there's more info on my eBay listing at this link. I’ll be glad to respond to any questions/thoughts posted here. Thanks.

Image 7325

Interesting design. Can you get better lighting or angles for the photos of it mounted on the wall. The blacks just kind of merge together and it is hard to tell the depth it stands off the wall and how much the bezel is in front of the tablet face.

Thanks for the taking the time to check it out.  Great feedback.  I added a few more photos to address your questions.  As you can see it's pretty snug...it stands off of the wall 2mm, and the bezel in the front is 1.5mm thick. 

I have several wall-mounted tablets in the house but the one I use the most is actually this Galaxy Tab A7 that I mounted on the fridge.  I ran a USB cable through the handle and then behind the rubber gasket for the door edges--completely invisible.  You can see the connection on the right side of the tablet and you'd think the screen was part of the fridge itself.  

This tablet has been plugged in 24/7 for about four years now and works flawlessly.  

Image 7442