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ActionTiles release 6.11.0

Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago in Announcements / Release Notes updated by Harris Brodie 3 years ago 12

ActionTiles release 6.11.0 has been rolled out on March 28, 2020.

New Features:

Window Shade Tile

New Tile type is available for devices that confirm to the official Window Shade Capability. This new tile works great with Ikea FYRTUR Blackout roller blinds.

Auto Reload App

Automatically reload the application after a period of inactivity. This is helpful when you wish to refresh Media Tiles or Video Streams if they become unstable over time.

This option is set per each display device, available under App Setting.


Toast Notifications

Confirmation notifications for Tile Actions are removed. Only error notifications will be shown.

This change was reverted due to user demand.

Major infrastructure updates

ActionTiles continues to invest in infrastructure maintenance to insure performant and secure operation of app. The back end changes for this release are mostly transparent to the end users. If you are experiencing any issues, please contact support@actiontiles.com for most timely assistance.

Thank you for enjoying ActionTiles!

awesome, thank you for auto load!!!

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Major infrastructure updates continue.

April 17 - Swapped out authentication server, without a hitch!

April 18 - Swapped out Media Tile Generator server.

These changes are totally transparent to the users. If something is not working for you, please open a ticket with support.




Thank you for the Window Shade Capability.  It works great with my Springs Window Fashion Shades.

Can someone explain what the "Window Shade" functionality is?

Duh...  sorry...  I was thinking something to do with Microsoft Windows and some cool "shading" effect....  I looked right past what it actually was....lol

regarding the auto reload. Can this auto refresh/reload a panel?  I have actiontiles on an iPad and would be handy to have it auto reload main panel every so often but I’ve just tried it and nothing happens. 

Re auto reload: it's called Auto Reload in the builder under App Settings. As the name implies it is per device.

John, make sure to visit the App Settings page one the device and activate this option.

yeah I see the settings. I clicked on 30 mins. Then loaded up my panel for my iPad but it doesn’t auto reload. Am I misunderstanding on what this actually does?


Hi John,

What's the iOS version on your iPad?

12.5.5 here. As far as the iPad mini 1 will go. Auto reload does not seem to work on this device / iOS. Any ideas?