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Z-Wave Somfy Blinds

anap40 7 months ago in Shortcut Tiles • updated by whoismoses 7 months ago 8

When I authorize my somfy Z-wave shades it only shows up as a battery tile, it doesn't let me open or close the blinds like it does straight from the smart things app

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ActionTiles is not compatible with arbitrary Things. It is compatible with Things and their functionality based on a subset of the SmartThings Capabilities listed here: Compatible SmartThings Capabilities (Device Type abstractions).

As mentioned there, via Feature Request, we periodically add compatibility.

Incompatible Things can possibly be controlled by using a compatible Virtual Device synced via a SmartApp such as WebCoRE, or similar to the Universal Device Translator, discussed here: https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-universal-virtual-device-type-and-translator/47836?u=tgauchat



I also use Somfy blinds and I have OPEN/CLOSE/STOP buttons in ActionTiles BUT I used WebCoRE pistons and simulated switches for that.

If you are familiar with the WebCoRE I can give you simple step-by-step instructions.

my 3 somfy glydea shades that connect to ST via ZRSTI (ver 2) show up correctly in Action Tiles with a dimmer. Make sure you are using the community created DTH for them


Thanks for the post. Do you have a current most-recommended link for the SmartThings Community DTH, please?


hi Terry,
This is the DTH i'm using with the glydea curtain motors. 


Guys - I maintain the Z-Wave-Shade DH. Is there something it doesn't do or is there something else I need to do so it works properly with AT? This is not for blinds that require the ZRSTI, it is for the ones with z-wave built in.

Howdy Eric,

As long as it is compliant with Capability "Switch" and "Switch Level" it should work fine.


It does!

I also submitted a pull request a couple days ago to the ST repository for the Springs Window Fashions DH as it only supported Switch Level and not Switch.