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I installed Fibaro roller shutter and in Action Tiles it shows as type "Switch".
This means that it will show the open percentage of the roller shutter correctly but it will show OFF only when it will get to 0 %.
So even when the roller shutter is 3% the status will be ON .

In SmartThings it shows closde as I set the open/close offset to 45 %.

This make a confusion as I see it as open but it's not open .

Is there a way to make this the same as SmartThings status ? 

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ActionTiles interfaces with SmartThings via their Device Type abstraction, called a "Capability". Each Capability specifies the exact, official, standard way for any SmartApp (including ActionTiles) to interact with a Device that claims to offer the particular Capability.

ActionTiles is not compatible with every Capability, but we add more from time to time; if there is popularity for the request, etc..  Here are the current ones we support: Compatible SmartThings Capabilities (Device Type abstractions)

I believe that a "roller shutter" should actually claim Capability "Window Shade" (documented here); and thus it would have the following States which we could display / depict:


                        "enum": [
                            "partially open",

The above Capability is tagged "proposed", and it doesn't include a percentage open or closed either - just "partially open".

In the meantime, your roller shade Device Handler is claiming Capability "Switch" and "Switch Level" (dimmer). These Capabilities are very specifically defined. They do not say that a Switch can't be "off" and have a non-zero "Level". In other words, the Device Handler might just be reporting the wrong value(s) for your partially closed State.

What values are shown in the SmartThings IDE for all the Attributes under Current States?

Login to your SmartThings IDE API webpage, check under "My Devices", open the detail page for the Thing, and check this section, "Current States:


Here is my current state :

So it looks like the Fibaro does claim Capability "Window Shade", but, as I mentioned, it has a "partially open" status... but does it use this Status?

  • What are the Current States values when you are at 3% or 45%
  • I'm getting a little confused ... What happens in ActionTiles now if you are at 3% or 45%? Does the percentage show correctly in ActionTiles?

Thanks Terry,

I will check it

later today and update .

One thing is that the device  handler has parameters which can set the status to open or close base on the percentage .

I configured it to set the status to open above 35% and close below 34% (see attach)

Maybe it's related ?

Yes - that certainly could be related. I don't have any familiarity with any type of shades, however.


I played with the roller shutter and the state changes based on the parameter I defined (see above ).
See pictures 

So I think the right approach will be to use window shade status and the Level to show up in those tiles .

Maybe to add also the switch status in case there are roller shutters that can have on and off state 


I have 9nr Fibaro Roller Shutter Modules.

All of them display in ActionTiles as Garage Doors.

The IDE shows the correct "partially open" state using my handler.

But ActionTiles just picks up on the door "closing" attribute / garage door capability.... If I remove garage door capability from the handler it wont work with ActionTiles at all.

For now I'm setting up routines for open / stop / close, but would be nice to have more fluid control of the % open and something other than the garage door icon.

<s>Where can I vote for Window Shade capability to be added?</s> Happy to be a Beta tester!

Edit: Found the vote button at the top of this thread. When the IKEA roller blinds roll out (sorry, pun), this capability is going to be in very high demand!

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