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ActionTiles and the new SmartThings mobile app

GoodyGizmos 4 years ago in Announcements updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 14

Im holding off on migrating from ST Classic to the new app. In the meantime, I’m trying to learn the new app to see what I can/cannot do in it.

How do I authorize things in new SmartThings app?


This is a popular question and caused a lot of confusion recently. People ended up resetting their devices, hubs and going through lots of grief for no reason.


In reality, there's is very little impact on actual hubs, devices and ActionTiles.

The migration process is suppose to convert your Routines into Scenes and Classic Smart Home Monitor into the new SmartThings Home Monitor.

If you area anxious about the conversion process, don't convert at all! Just install the new SmartThings mobile app, your devices are already there! Then, setup Scenes and configure SmartThings Home Monitor as needed. You can then abandon the Classic Mobile app.

When you need to add or remove devices from ActionTiles, visit the Locations page in ActionTiles app. Devices are added and removed as before, nothing has changed. If you want to do this via the new Mobile App, tap the hamburger menu, select SmartApp, then ActionTiles. Devices are added and removed as before, nothing has changed.

ActionTiles will release a native integration with Scenes in the coming days. Meanwhile, the following workaround is available:


At this time, the new SmartThings Home Monitor is not available for any 3rd party app integration. The only way to integrate STHM into ActionTiles is described in this article:


I will answer any questions in this thread. To resolve specific issues, please open private support tickets.

I don’t see ActionTiles under SmartApps in the new app.

It will only appear after you first install it through the ActionTiles interface. This is also the case for the classic app.

In the Classic app, when I add a new device and want AT to see it, I enable it through the ActionTiles V6 (Connect) SmartApp. The new app does not have this available.

Interesting! In a disturbing way.

Please confirm whether you selected the correct location.  I haven't heard from anyone not being able to see the SmartApps...

Well, it's a first... Please open a private ticket so that we could look at a few things together.

Same issue on my end.  I opened a ticket with Smartthings.  

"This is Jena with Samsung Smartthings, I'm reaching out to you regarding your support ticket 1015737. We have a response from our developers. This is a known issue on iOS devices and we're working with engineers to get a resolution.
As a work-around, you can tap the + sign, as if you were going to add a smartapp, and tap on SmartLighting, you should be able to access the automation's under SmartLighting.
I do apologize for this inconvenience an any trouble it may have caused you. Please respond back to this email when you can just so we make sure you got this information. If you could also include a valid phone number to reach you on as well. I look forward to your reply, have a wonderful day."

Sadly this workaround presented does not work for actiontiles as the video above showed.  

At this point I don't know how prevalent this issue is and whether it's related to migration in general and ActionTiles in particular.

Please note that it's always possible to install/uninstall a location and add/remove devices via ActionTiles app by visiting My Locations page and clicking the (+) button.

Alex.  I concur with your assumptions.  I did not check to see if the smart apps were accessible before migrating.  

As the smartthings support person states you can go in and click add and IF the smart app is listed you can make changes.  Unfortunately actiontiles is not listed so that does not work.  For me it doesn't change much except I can't re-add the one routine that didn't migrate.  I like your link for the work around above but it doesn't bother me that much so I will wait for official fix.  


Finally got some assistance with this.  For others who are having this issue I direct you to this thread.  


I meant to come back here after I took similar steps to fix the issue by removing all non-working devices and SmartApps. It appears I just needed to change the setting of one of them (also Pool Controller), but good to know the actual root cause!

The ST Classic is gone. The workaround for Scenes is not worth it. While there is no AT integration with Scenes, AT
is useless to me. The ST UI is trash. How can I get notified of the integration (two months ago it was "in the coming days").

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Carlo, the scene integration was released on August 21, 2020 and it was rolled back on October 18.

This integration has a cap on the number of installs. SmartThings is unwilling to lift the cap because the New SmartThings API is not ready for use in production.

More recent discussion is here: