Need some help getting tinycam pro and ActionTiles working please

johnmulholland 4 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated 4 years ago 5

Hey folks,

I need some help please.

I have a load of IP cameras hardwired to NVM. The IP address of that NVM is It is a static IP address.

I have tinycam pro and actiontiles installed on a Fire 10 HD. 

Tinycam can identify the camera server on the network correctly, and I can connect to it correctly. I have tried entering in incorrect username and password and it fails then, so I am confident it is connecting correctly when I use the correct username and password.

The problem is that I'm getting 100% dropped frames in ActionTiles:

Image 5024

Which translates to an error message in ActionTiles

Image 5025

Any ideas? I'm at a loss here.




and here is the url string pointing directly to the Tinycam pro web server

this should give you all the info you need

one thing i have ran into is that either tinycam server or actiontiles or my tablet does not support more than 4 cameras active at the same time, so i had to make 3 pages to cover them all and just swithc between pages.


looks like you are trying to connect to the tiniycam server (you have that enabled in tinycam pro im hoping)

but the url for tiniycam is not the same as the url for your NVR

its should be something like this

Thanks Volcano

I worked out the problem! It was in Tinycam Pro. It suggested using the Hardware Encoder, so I turned that on..... soon as I did, nothing worked - only dropped frames. Switched back to the Software Encoder... and all is good again :)