Arlo camera feed

Marc Cottee 4 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by Kevin1 4 years ago 1


I'm just about to buy the licence and start configuring AT on a Raspberry Pi.  I use a combination of Smartthings and IFTTT to control my devices.  One of the things I was hoping to do was view my Arlo camera feed on a tile, however all the posts I read say that it's not possible.

I'm struggling to find any recent posts though, most are years old - and so I wonder if that's still the case.

Can someone please confirm whether or not it's possible to view Arlo camera feeds on a tile?

you can , but... you have to use TinyCamPro app (or a python script) running on another device. TinyCam will let you log into Arlo (or Wyze) and transcode(?) that stream to a generic stream AT can  view.