Dynamic Panel Shortcut?

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Is there anyway to create a panel shortcut tile that can return you to whatever previous panel you came from?

At present I have four Fire Tablets around the house and I am at a point where I have enough smart devices in my home that I have them grouped across several Action Tiles panels:  Bedrooms, Kitchen/Living Room, Basement, Yard, Cameras.On each table I have a home page panel that is unique that tablet location with location specific content.  At the bottom of that panel I have a set of panel shortcuts to navigate to the shared panels mentioned above.

From the Home page panel (Kitchen home page panel shown below) I can navigate to any of the shared panels such as the Downstairs panel show below that.  However, the only way back to the main menu I came from would be to have a main menu button to go to each tablet home page or an addition shared page with panel shortcuts for each.  The panel shortcut tiles needed for the first idea eat up to much screen real-estate.  the second idea works but requires two steps to get back to a main menu.

What I would like to do instead is have the main menu panel shortcut tiles trigger a script that notes what main menu I came from before sending me to the sub panel.  And, when use the Main Menu panel shortcut tile on that sub panel to return the script then sends me back to where I came from.

Any ideas on how to do that?  I'm wondering if I can use a URL shortcut tile instead of panel shortcuts and use those to trigger a script that would manage this...

Any ideas or input would be greatly appreciated.


Tom G.

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Browser/Android back button?  This doesn't work for my browser/kiosk app (WallPanel).  I think the android back button brings up the WallPanel options)

There is a request for a back button tile, maybe this https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12/topics/1486-tiles-for-back-to-previous-panel-and-jump-to-favorite-panel

Also, I recently noticed that the ... actionTiles bottom right menu has a star (view favorite) option that will take you back to your favorite panel.

You can certainly load and run a script using a URL Shortcut (javascript: $.getScript('yoururl.js'); is my method), so you might be able to do something. I haven't looked closely at Panel tiles but I think there is a bit more to them than might be assumed as new panels seem to load in the same web page. However manipulating URL Shortcuts is easy enough.

That sound like it has potential but I've never played with java so I'll have to start doing some reading.  I've done a little with PHP, I wonder if the same could be done with it.

Do you have any examples of something you've done that I might be able to look at?.