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Add 2nd camera feed to AT?

Johnny Adams 5 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated 5 years ago 8

Hi there... 

I have a Reolink NVR + 4 Camera kit... I purchased TinyCam Pro, and followed TaylorTech's Youtube on how to set up into AT... although his video was for WyzeCams.

I added the IP address ... and log in and password, and Camera 1 showed up in TinyCam app... and also in the TinyCam web browser as per TaylorTech did.. 

But... my problem is that if I do it the way TaylorTech has, and entered the same details for my second cam, but changing to channel 2 for the second cam... it shows camera 1's feed... so end up with 2 feeds showing from same camera.

I went to AT and added Camera 1 into my panel, and it shows up perfect... so I am doing that right.

Am I right in thinking that the IP is for the NVR and it is only able to show the first camera? Or is there something blatantly obvious that I am missing? 

I'm unsure what other details you guys may need to assist, and did not want to ramble on with the whole set up... so ask away if you need any further info.

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Are you using the "camera=" parameter in your Media Tile's  tinyCam URL?

The full list of parameters is in this post/comment:


Thanks for reply.. 

The url I have used, and which works is - 


But the problem is not woth AT, or getting the url into there, or for it to work... because it does.

My problem is not being able to add a second camera into TinyCam... as per the instructions on the TaylorTech video... 

On there, he presses + to add a second cam... enters all the same details as he did with cam 1... but... he then goes inti settings to make second camera #2... it then shows up within Live View on TinyCam as Cam 2... 

When I do that, all I get is the same feed as camera 1...

My camera 1 is first in line within Reolink... and camera 2 is 2nd, so wondered if the IP I am entering is for the NVR and maybe should enter the cameras own IP? Seeing as the same IP is simply showing cam 1 feed no matter what I change the camera # to... it will not switch ti camera 2 view even though I have selected #2 as per TaylorTech video. 

been trying for 2 days and it will only show 1 feed = Camera1... 🤔


Please contact tinyCam Monitor Pro support.

This doesn't like an ActionTiles issue, right?


Thanks Terry.

I do not think there is an issue with TinyCam... Maybe more an issue with me nor knowing if I am doing it right?

TaylorTech is using independant WyzeCams... I am using an NVR... one IP address that points to the NVR... 

i had hoped that a member on the forum is also using an NVR and could possibly point me in the right direction as to whether I am missing something or not? 

by simply changing the camera# to suit what is showing on the NVR... and using all the exact same settings when setting up another camera... the only thing being different, is changing the camera numbers?

Can I ask you to delete the url I have put in the above post? I copied and pasted it onto here, and edited my private sign in details and put in xxxxxxxxxxxx ..... but for some reason, when hovering over that link, anyone can see my private details there. it shows log in name and password as well as IP Address. 

So you are using tinyCam with your NVR, correct?

  1. Are the Cameras all working in the NVR (concurrently) each with their own unique feed? If not, then you are not setting up the cameras in tinyCam correctly. There must be a "channel" or "camera number" option. If there is no such parameter, then there is an issue with tinyCam or your NVR.
  2. If the Cameras are working in tinyCam, then the "camera=" parameter will pull the correct one from tinyCam webserver.

yes... all the cameras are working in the NVR and each with their own seperate feed. 

when setting up cameras in TinyCam... I enter the exact same details on each seperate camera I wish to add... 

the only exception to this, is that for each one, they have to be manually allocated a channel number - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4... corresponing to how they are viewed within the NVR. 

My number 1 cam is allocated channel 1... and this works perfect in AT using the above url... so that shows it is working and url is correct.

My number 2 cam is allocated channel 2... but the feed from camera 2 is not showing within tinycam... instead it shows exact same feed as camera 1... even though i have allocated it as channel 2... so i have 2 feeds in tinycam.. both showing camera 1 feed... 

What happens when you try to same individual feed URLs in the Address Bar of another browser - even on another device on your network like phone, PC/Mac... 

yeah will give that a try after I reset my system to defaults and change my log in details.