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Blue Iris feeds go black after a few seconds

Brandon Pines 6 months ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by 5kJ 5 months ago 6

In Fully the camera stream which works fine in AT turn black. The streams work in IP cam and on blue iris without issue so it is isolated to AT and fully. If I refresh my cameras they  come back. 

Tested in fully and Chrome browsers with the same issue. I changed the refresh rate to 900 and change to still images per Terry.

From Terry

If you post the exact details of your configuration (including the camera brands, models, URLs; number of cameras on the dashboard, ...), the exact problem (how long does it take until the camera goes black, have you tested with fewer cameras on the panel, ...), etc., etc., then that increases the chances of getting helpful customer peer-support assistance on our Forum and the SmartThings Community Forum

Answers -

I have a Wyzecam, LaView, Amcrest, Annke and Foscam.

I am using the Blue Iris Server stream settings http://IP:port/mjpg/camshortname/video.mjpg

It's takes a few minutes until the tiles go black. I test with two and 5 camera. Same results. One tablet running Fully and the other chrome.

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Are all your camera going through Blue Iris? I did not think that Wyze Cam was compatible with Blue Iris?

Yes Terry. Wyzecam works through BI. It has dropouts unrelated to this issue. I am not including those drop puts in this issue.

I see the same issue on windows box.

What do you mean "on windows box", Patrick?

Is that where you run Blue Iris? And/Or run ActionTiles? Which browsers have you tested? Have you tested more than one? What exact behavior are you observing?

Pardon the interrogation, but details are very important.



Seems most folks are using an tablet of some sort. I am just trying from my Chrome browser on my Windows 10 machine.

Ultimately I want to run it on a Samsung Hub Fridge browser but the images don't show at all on it. I am sure its Samsung issue on that platform. 

I also struggled with this and after testing a ton of different ways, found this to be working very well (knock on wood).  I believe Terry posted the login link suggestion at one point but I never saw anyone confirm it worked.  I made some other minor tweaks.

If you haven't already, create another user in your BI account.  I restricted mine to LAN access only and cut the max frame rate down to 5 fps to help lighten the load on my tablet.  

Use this login link in AT for each camera: 


I have found that my BI CPU usage goes up a bit, but I have plenty of capacity so it's not an issue for me currently.