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Nest Cam (Hello) Tile issues on Fire tablets

RonA 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated 6 years ago 3

I have Actiontiles working great with the Nest Hello doorbell video streaming in an action tile.   Works on desktops and most tablets, but it is a blank tile on all Fire Tablets.

I even tried developer mode in 5.6.x in FireOS and tested various setting but the tile still does not show up.   I was wanting my doorbell feed to be on my dashboard but this is now a showstopper since i dont want to devote an iPad for the screen.

Please let me know any workarounds!!


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First of all, please note that we tagged the "Nest Cam™ Media Tiles (& Nest Hello™ Video Doorbell)" feature as experimental because it is not using an official API from Nest, and there are a lot of variables outside our control.

  • What browser(s) have you tested on your Fire Tablet?

To the best of our knowledge, Google Chrome (as well as Fully powered by Webview & Chrome) has disabled "autoplay" of embedded media, including ActionTiles Nest Cam camera Media Tiles.

I will try to update this with more sources that confirm this. Some link(s) so far:

We do not have a workaround; but ideas are welcome to be added to this Topic.


I have just recently had my Nest Hello Cam tile stop working properly in chrome. What I don't understand is why the rest of my IQ Cam Outdoors are still working fine? I have tried stopping sharing publicly and sharing again to get a new link, I've updated media tile settings, etc. The tile shows the live box in the upper corner, the sound, fullscreen and Nest logo in the bottom but the box is gray. When you click and press play, no video, just black screen.

I've tested Fully, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and the stock browser on the Fire HD tablet.   None of them work now.

Even on the desktop now...all browsers are showing an icon.  Only until i click on the tile will it actually show me my nest hello feed.