Nest Cam™ Media Tiles (& Nest Hello™ Video Doorbell)

Release v6.5.7 of ActionTiles added a feature to create Media that reference publicly shared (i.e., non-password protected) Nest Cam™ Cameras and Nest Hello™ Video Doorbells. Until further notice, this feature is experimental, subject to change, and we recommend that if you encounter Panel problems you remove any Nest Cam Media Tiles.

This Knowledge Base entry will be enhanced as we receive any relevant frequently asked questions.

How do I prepare my Nest Cam camera feed?

Information on sharing your camera is on the Nest® website:

Please note that you must use the "Share publicly" option for the camera to be usable as a Media Tile.

Image 1861

What is my Nest Cam camera's Public ID?

In the Media definition, you only need to input the 10 characters listed at the end of the sharing link that the Nest website generates for your camera.

Image 1862

Why doesn't my Nest Cam Tile display unless zoomed?

On many browsers, by default, the Nest Cam Tile will not "autoplay" when viewing the Panel.

It may just look like this:


Image 1864

To attempt to get the Tile to autoplay, toggle the Autoplay option in the Tile Settings:


Image 1865

Can the audio sound feed be muted?

No. At this time we have no way to tell the Nest Cam stream not to play it's sound.

We recommend that you disable the Autoplay toggle if having unmuted sound is an issue.

Current State:

Chrome PC, Chrome Android, Firefox PC, Fully - On a Panel, Nest Cam appears as a tile with the Nest Cam icon. Tapping on this tile opens up full screen dialog. Nest player loads. Tapping "play" button on the player starts video stream with sound.
Sample stream wSbs3mRsOF

Note: Nest®, Nest Cam™ and related marks and logos are Trademarks or Service Marks owned by Nest Labs, Inc., and are used for reference purposes only.

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