Video Stream Issues in Chrome

Andy Smith 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated 6 years ago 2

Yes, another question about video streams. Apologies, but it's the one thing stopping me from using AT as a panel on an android tablet

I've got a MJPEG stream running for an IP camera.  It's actually an RSTP stream being converted via motionEye on a Pi3, but I'm not sure that's related to the issue.

If I add the MJPEG stream as a tile, everything works fine until I click on the stream to enlarge it.  Once I do that, the stream stops, and closing the enlarged view doesn't restart the smaller view in the tile.  It's just stuck.

I read about Chrome having a hard limit on sockets (https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12/topics/1295-full-screen-video-stop-popping-up-after-used-once), and there seems to have been a related change in an AT release a while back (https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12/topics/2040-release-v662-media-tile-video-stream-stability-enhancements) -

close video stream prior to zoom in order to save concurrent sockets

So, I tried Firefox and Edge, and they handle the zoom/close scenario perfectly.  So it does seem to be a Chrome thing.

My aim was to use Fully Browser on an android tablet as a kiosk, but that basically uses Chrome so has the same issue.  I can use firefox on the tablet but I can't come up with a firefoxy-way of running a decent kiosk experience.

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Hi Andy,

Thank-you for such a detailed description of the problem and for taking the time to test with Firefox and Edge,...

It is disappointing to hear the Chrome (and Fully + Android Webview + Chromium engine) continues to exhibit this issue. Unfortunately, it is a real rabbit-hole for us to attempt to fix what appears to be stable in other browsers, and thus indicates our code is "compliant".

We welcome ideas and discussion here; though we try to stay optimistic that Google will eventually figure this out and have Chrome handle this with the same stability as the others.

In the meantime, we need to continue to focus our resources on features and problems with a higher payoff-to-effort ratio. Diagnosing, researching, etc., this inconsistent behavior take tremendous effort and has a high risk of zero payoff.



Many thanks for the reply Terry.  It really does look like Chrome is stuck with this limit for the time being, and Google seem to be resisting changing it as much as possible.  The consensus seems to be that Websockets should be used as a design solution, but I can't see that being of much use here when ActionTiles isn't the source of the camera feeds.

Firefox has limits too, but they're configurable so there's always a way.  I'm looking into workarounds at the moment - if I can't use Fully, I have to try to replicate what Fully does in different ways.  I've started working with Tasker and SecureSettings and I'll see how far I can get.  I've managed to get the tablet's screen turning on and off at set times so far, so that's a good start.