RELEASE v6.6.2: Media Tile & Video stream stability enhancements

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Fixes / Enhancements

  • There have been various reports of "generally working" Video Stream Media Tiles consistently exhibiting various quirks, including:
    • working for a while, but then suddenly being stuck or broken, but work again with a manual reload / refresh.
    • sometimes requiring the browser cache to be cleared in order to restart video.
    • sometimes displaying stale data (particularly for Stop Motion Video / Still Image with Refresh).
  • This Release attempts to address the above and perhaps a few similar quirks.
    • Beta testers reported noticeable improvement, even though some Video Streams issues could not be resolved consistently without causing other problems.
  • NB: Unlike most Tile types, if you modify a Media definition, a reload of the affected Panels is required. Except during building and testing Panels, we presume this situation will not be very common.


This update does not add support for new streaming formats like RTSP, nor fix the problem of "https://user:password@address" (basic HTTP authentication) being blocked by newer versions of Chrome and perhaps some other browsers.

We continue to research ways to expand video handling, but there are no imminent breakthroughs expected. We are still excited about this Release of stability fixes and appreciate your observations! Thanks!

Itemized Details

resume video stream if it failed, recover from errors
show camera full screen (click on Media Tile to expand image)
close video stream prior to zoom in order to save concurrent sockets

We will update various open "Bug & Idea Topics" soon if their status has been affected.


...Terry (& Alex)



We have deployed a patch (v6.6.2+004) that fixes interruptions of MJPEG streams.

We hope it brings stability across the board.

If you experience any issues, don't hesitate to contact us.

I was one of the ones with the video issue, and I have noticed that for the past day or two, my dashboard seems to be crashing. I run it on an iPad in full screen mode with Safari (link saved as home screen icon). I start the dashboard and everything is working, and about 30 minutes later I notice that the iPad is back to the home screen. 

Read & Discuss

This Release was just deployed last night (Tuesday...), so it is helpful if you consider carefully if the behavior you describe occurred before this deployment or only after...?

that's about right, I probably noticed it Tuesday night and/or Wednesday morning. I do know it's never happened before that, and I haven't changed anything else recently. 

Please send a request to Support@ActionTiles.com if you have a consistently reproducible scenario, being sure to include as much technical detail about your configuration as possible (iPad model, OS, camera type, etc.). We may not be able to fix it (even if we can somehow replicate it...), but at least with the details we can track the impact of the issue. Thank-you!

Ironically, my Android Tablet crashed as I was typing this response! 😖

For my Hikvision cameras I can consistently configure the feed to show up now (it was sketchy before whether or not it would even show up in preview.

iPhone 7+:  The feed shows on the panel for 30 seconds, goes away for 30, comes back for 30... ongoing.  If I click on the preview, it shows the full screen frame, but never shows the feed (waited over a minute).  Panel tile is blank grey when no feed is present.  Full screen shows Loading... in the top left corner.

With that said, it stopped working altogether shortly after and looking at the camera interface directly, the MJPEG feed has stopped working altogether.  I think my immediate issue may be camera-side at the moment.

Confirmed, the MJPEG side keeps stopping on the cameras and if I reboot it they come back.  AT can still poll it occasionally with the refreshes, but I'm back to trying to get the feed from my synology to work or just go back to images with refresh until RTSP can be supported.

Any help from Hikvision tech support on the MJPEG freezing?

While we understand the popularity of RTSP streaming, we are not optimistic about the prospects for doing this in our web-app.

Darold, what's the URL you are using to view MJPEG. I just want to know if there's another URL I could try. I use "/Streaming/channels/102/httppreview". Is that the same one you use?


We have deployed a patch (v6.6.2+004) that fixes interruptions of MJPEG streams.

We hope it brings stability across the board.

If you experience any issues, don't hesitate to contact us.


Cheers guys.  Seems to be much better this morning!  I will report back in a few days.


My crashing issue seems to be fixed as well, it's been working better yesterday and today. Still waiting to see if video streams stay stable. 

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