RELEASE v6.8.0: Theme Builder (color selector), plus minor features, fixes, tuning

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Major Release!

Big exciting Feature! Custom Theme Builder (i.e., custom color selection per Panel and per Tile Intentionnot "per Thing" or "per Tile" or "per Tileset"). Includes the ability to copy the built-in ActionTiles Themes or your own existing Themes as a starting point, export and import Themes as a JSON clip in plain-text (or a downloaded .json file) for sharing with fellow Customers.

Theme is of a set of colors for the Panel background, Tileset Titles, and the elements of Tiles for each of the 4 Tile Intentions. Themes may contain more properties in future versions.


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  • Custom Theme Builder.
  • Capability "Voltage Measurement" added. Full list of compatible SmartThings Capabilities here.
  • Carbon Monoxide, Smoke Detector: treat "tested" state the same as "clear".
  • PIN Code Pad appearance, Input (Tap) progress indicator, and improved performance.
  • Inter-panel fade animation changed to black (no white flash when using Panel Shortcut Tiles).
  • Other various performance improvements and bug fixes throughout the app.

We will update various open "Bug & Idea Topics" soon if their status has been affected.

Let us know what you think of Custom Theme Building and the other features and tweaks in this Release.

Thank-you from your ActionTiles team...

...Terry & Alex.

Nice update Thank you

What is "Capability Voltage Tile"

The addition of "Capability Voltage Measurement" Tile, means that ActionTiles can display the values reported by devices measuring Voltage.

The complete list of "SmartThings Capabilities" is shown here: Compatible SmartThings Capabilities (Device Type abstractions)

This is pretty cool. Now is there a way to apply my custom theme to ALL panels without having to go to each panel and re-assigning a theme? Or change ALL panels back to one of the stock themes?

"Carbon Monoxide, Smoke Detector: treat "tested" state the same as "clear"."\

One of my sensors is still showing as "tested" and doesn't have the same appearance as the "clear" ones. How do I fix that?


Deleting the tile, and then adding it back seems to have fixed the issue; not sure why that was necessary.

Still unable to select from the array of icons available on routines. Routines still only showing 8 icons to select from.


There are only 8 icons available for Routine Tiles at this time. 

The Feature(s) for a wider selection of icons for all Tiles are under development.

  • PIN Code Pad appearance, Input (Tap) progress indicator, and improved performance.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the PIN Pad improvements!  This was the biggest problem I had, especially with older tablets.  It's not perfect but at least it's usable on all of my devices now!  It also looks nicer now with the outline of the numbers, and the progress indicators seem more reliable where before they would usually not show up until after the full PIN was entered.  Maybe one of these days I'll get around to actually incorporating an actual hardware keypad, but this is fine for my needs right now.

  • Custom Theme Builder.

This is probably second on my list of "most liked" from this update, I will definitely have to play around with this one! Looking forward to the "wider selection of icons for all Tiles are under development" mentioned in a previous comment, but the theme builder is an awesome capability.

  • Inter-panel fade animation changed to black (no white flash when using Panel Shortcut Tiles).

Another pet peeve of mine, I'm glad to see that go away... Especially in the middle of the night!  

I've only been using AT for less than a month, but I love it.  I have a few items on my "wishlist" I should add them to the discussion to see what's possible, feasible, and useful to others also.

Thanks again!


Custom themes are awesome, thanks for the update!

Any way to change Routine colour from Info to Normal?

Thanks for the compliments, Kevin!

The Routine Tile(s), and a few others, are locked into just Info Intention for now; but we appreciate the various questions and bits of feedback like that. Bigger Topics we'll spin off into Feature Requests at some point.

In the meantime, we're listening to the reactions to the Release and we'll decide that some tweaks are easy enough to slip into a Minor Update. We haven't decided any specifics yet.


Thanks so much for this guys! Love the foresight to add the preview at the top of the Theme Builder. 

Very much looking forward to more icons as well. Regarding this, is the ability to choose from say any icon in this repository (https://materialdesignicons.com/) hampered by the desire to have icons have both an on & off state? I.e. the icon that shows either a regular bulb vs one that has the "light burst" emitting from it when it's on. Because I personally would prefer the option to pick any icon and then just have the color of tile change based on its state. 

Thanks again for this great update :) 

Thanks guys for this great release.

Is it possible to have theme based on tile sets instead of a whole panel ?

Themes on a per Tileset basis is not implemented, but this existing Feature Request is close enough for you to add Votes to it (and add a Comment specifying if Colors would be sufficient)... https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12/topics/1357-tile-size-per-tileset

Also can you add another option for tile intention like a remind, so “warn” for things that require immediate action and “remind” for notification purposes.

I have calendar reminders that I set up in WebCore and I use virtual sensor on action tiles to show the open state of the reminder which I set it to “warn”, I don't see any requested feature matching and I thought adding another intention will be much easier since the frame work already exists, but I’m not familiar with coding, so excuse my lack of understanding if I was, Thanks.

A "Remind" Intention would require a way to dismiss the reminder, so this is substantially non-trivial.

We have a few Feature Requests around the concept of Event Notifications (search for them, please). If a Notification feature is implemented, then it may become possible to link notifications to specific related Tiles and, perhaps, justify additional Reminder Intention. It's a pretty good idea. Thank-you!

Just getting around to using this feature and I really like the ability to customize tiles like this. I am missing something or is the appearance of tile content in the normal intention a bug? Here's  a view of what I created. All tile content settings are set for white but the normal is different.



Hi jtmag,

The muted appearance of the Normal Intention tile Content is intentional design. The idea is that when you look at a Panel from a distance, Normal and Info Intentions should not really draw your attention. You should only be noticing Accent and Warn Intentions. Tiles with Normal Intentions should not catch your eye at all and therefore are faded. This plays particularly important role when using monochromatic Panel Themes.

Appreciate the updates, particularly the Pin Code Pad appearance. Would be nice if this could match the theme though. Most peoples themes seem to be dark but the Pin Pad shows in a light theme and doesn't seem to match. Could this match say the Info Tile colours so that it matches whatever theme people have setup?

Many thanks.

Hi Talos,

Theming the action drawer hasn't been on our radar, 'cuz ... well, priorities 😃. It has crossed our minds though.

May I ask you to add this request to the related one below about the PIN pad entry in general? This request linked request is getting some traction, and I hope we can fold in Theme application to it, perhaps...



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