Bigger PIN pad - full screen zoomed

Joe_W 6 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 11

Is there a way to make the pin pad on the locked tiles appear full screen? My fat fingers 🖐️ keep hitting the wrong numbers. 


I have the same problem! On a small screen it is almost impossible 


I too would like a bigger PIN Pad and also when hitting the PIN numbers I would like to hear a click sound.

The pin pad is small and I also have a hard time entering the pin. I am sure this will be a lot worse when the alarm has gone off by mistake and I am in panic trying to enter the pin correctly to turn it off as quick as possible.

I would really appreciate if you would people give us an option to increase the size of keypad or at least bigger number buttons on the pin pad.

Appreciate the recent updates, particularly the Pin Code Pad appearance. Would be nice if this could match the theme though. Most peoples themes seem to be dark but the Pin Pad shows in a light theme and doesn't seem to match. Could this match say the Info Tile colours so that it matches whatever theme people have setup?

Many thanks.


Great job with the bigger Pin Pad!! Makes it easier to see the numbers for us older folks.

I Still would like to hear either beeps or clicks when pressing each individual number or at least the option to turn the sounds on/off. Too many times i press a number keys and it does not seem to respond right away before pressing the next number. An audible feedback would at least let me know if it was pressed correctly. Thank you so much for all your hard work making this App better.


Thanks for the recognition, Frank!

We've got a pretty big leap forward with Release v6.9.2 (likely to deploy this week), which seems to improve responsiveness a lot. Your ideas about audio feedback are ones we will think about and play around with in development soon.

Frank, we have also toyed with tactile feedback on button taps. This is something we may utilize soon.

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