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Weather Station 2.0 in ActionTiles?

andrew kranenborg 6 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Orange Bucket 5 years ago 4

Any updates on making Weather Station 2.0 work in ActionTiles, i.e. based on this ST community thread:


While it works as discussed in the ST App, I can only add these 3 "Things" as separate Tiles in ActionTiles:

Image 1742

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If the Developer or other SmartThings Customers can convince SmartThings to publish it in their Cloud, then we'll definitely (well... highly probably...) support it.

Terry, perhaps the OP was referencing your comment in that thread about 2 1/2 years ago, "Possibly for Version 6 we will try to look at other Attributes of a Device than just “Capability”, and that will help us support all sort of custom and compound device types."

It sounds like if this hasn't been published by ST by now then it won't ever be.  Can you all find a way to add this to ActionTiles?  I would really, really like to pull some of these additional weather metrics for a few more tiles on my displays and it looks like I'm not alone.

We know that Weather is a very popular use case for ActionTiles.

This Topic itself, doesn't have any votes, though; so we cannot assume it is more important than dozens of other Feature Requests.

We are keeping this case in mind, however. In the meantime, folks have found various workarounds via Media Tiles.


Anyone wanting these additional metrics perhaps ought to make a feature request to SmartThings to add them to the capabilities. Surely going forwards it has to make more sense for SmartThings to add commands and attributes to capabilities, or to add completely new capabilities, and to try and stomp out use of user defined commands and attributes?

Mind you at the moment we have different supported capabilities for the 'classic' and 'new' platforms, so they have a way to go yet.