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Hikvision cameras for action tiles

eriksalo 8 months ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by roberto martino 2 days ago 16

This took me a while to figure out so I thought I would share.  I have a number of Hikvision cameras around the house, I had a hard time getting them to display on Action tiles.  All the literature said to do this:    


The above did not work for me!  Pasting the above worked great in a Chrome browser but not in IE or Edge.  It didn't work at all in action tiles.  I did not get any image either in My Media or on the panel.

I finally found something that worked... I had to encode the username and password into base64 and append to the end like this:


I added the part "?auth=" and then pasted in the encoded "username:password"

This worked great for pictures.  I used this site for encoding:  https://www.base64encode.org/

It works for video too but while I can see the video on the "My Media" test, I can't get it to display on the actual panel.

Any ideas?  Overall, I'm very happy with this product and bought two licenses (one for each of my hubs).


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Hi Erik,

Thanks for the topic, your discoveries, and discussion.

To possibly determine why the camera feed won't display on a Panel; it might be helpful to observe if there are any errors or warnings shown in the browser debugger output (only available on desktop PC/Mac browsers).

Press F12, then refresh the Panel. There is a tab or section of the debug pane called "Console". 

Hi Terry;  That's a great idea, there were errors in debug...

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)
4media:1 Mixed Content: The page at 'https://app.actiontiles.com/media' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image ''. This content should also be served over HTTPS.

So I changed to https and got...

httppreview:1 GET 403 (Forbidden)

Of course, the https port (443) is different than the http port (80) so I changed that to:



I'm surprised this situation (mixed content: non-SSL on our SSL https App) isn't more commonly reported, but I think that's because mobile browsers (including Chrome; Fully?) do not actually block this, whereas the desktop browsers do.

Unlike the blocking of basic HTML authentication ("http://user:password@address"), I believe that mixed content can be allowed with a browser command line option. I've made only lame attempts (in Windows Chrome) so far, with no success.

What I'm saying is that this debug information certainly explains why the streaming isn't working in desktop browser: But ... have you tried on a tablet or phone? In Chrome, Fully, Firefox, Opera...? It is a shame that the browsers are not all handling this in some standard consistent way - but that means there is an opportunity to perhaps find a browser (or browser option) that might be successful!

Erik. Thanks for the auth tip. I had been manually inputting the credentials in to Fully since it wouldn't accept the user:pass@<ip> format. With my device (running Android 5.1) and my cameras (DS-2CD2132F-IS) the HTTPPreview actually works great. On iOS and Windows I only get a few seconds of video before it stops. Not sure why. What camera models and firmware are you running?


Hi Terry;  

I rebooted everything and the video shows up great on my Chrome PC browser.  Works everywhere on the PC, both in "My Media" and in a Panel. It displays in "My Media" on a Chrome Android tablet but did not display on 

 Here's the URL:

 Shows up great on an Android tablet but I first had to set the tile size to 2x2.  After it displays in 2x2 moce, I could set the tile size to whatever I wanted.  Could be just intermittent....


Hi Digitac;

My cameras are predominately DS-2CD2032F-IW 's.  Firmware is v5.3.0 build 150814



The base64 trick worked perfectly to get my camera feeds working via Chrome on a Fire HD 10 tablet, until this post I've had to use my iPad mini because it was the only browser that would work with the feed.



I've been looking for this solution for months!!! Thanks so much Erik!

Even when using ?auth=xxxxxxxx im still getting a login box from my tablet and also chrome/edge on my pc. has anyone resolved this?

Are you using Firmware 5.4 or newer on your cameras? They seem to have broken that option on the new versions (among other things). I don't know of any workarounds.

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anybody has any more progress on this. As it seems that I can get the pics but no feed.

Although I have found if you use the tiny cam app you can picture in picture over the top of a tile nicely. 🤔 Suppose that'll have to do for now.

Thanks anyways. Dan


I'm testing out Actiontiles and really like it.  Been working now on trying to get video feeds from Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I IP cameras.

Using Erik's great findings, I've been able to get a .gif feed on the PC Chrome Browser, but not on the Chrome browser on the Nexus 9 panel.

Maybe I've missed something within this discussion?

I have a number of hikvision cameras.  After some searching and trying a variety of options, I can't seem to find a solid solution.  Has anyone had more luck?

I've seen some posts using BlueIris.  I use Sighthound - haven't tried feeding the URL from SH to ActionTiles, but may try.  It's a shame, this is the only thing holding me back.  

Have you managed to Google or find the detailed technical manuals to see what browser compatible feeds it has? What's the exact model(s)?

This page seems to have a lot of documentation.... https://us.hikvision.com/en/support-resources

That's the first step to finding out if there's any possible streaming or snapshots.

I've tried several searches in google with varying combinations of key phrases.  One popular result on several threads includes a list of purported URL's for a number of cameras, none of which work and all are repeated on various pages within this forum.  Honestly, this specific thread is the most recent, looking here, on ST, IP Cam, and others.  So far I haven't found one thread with a "Bingo!  I found it!" response.  I know video is a pain.  It just annoys me when I see other similar boards and apps whereby people are showing their success and I can't believe it's impossible.  

Here is what I have, all Hikvision:

DS-2CD2032-I CCTV POE 3MP Bullet IP HD Security Network Camera, 4mm
4.1MP DS-2CD2042WD-I 4mm
DS-2CD2542FWD-IS HD 1080P

I found a Hikvision document that references one option for RSTP and another for http access.  For the http, the URL is http://ip/Streaming/channels/ID/httppreview, and for encoding the name/pword, http://username:password@ip/Streaming/channels/ID/httppreview.  Neither of these seem to work.  I did question whether the port was required in addition to the IP, but tried both unsuccessfully. 

Here are the variations I've tried:


I can't help but think it is a two-part issue: the correct URL is needed AND certain settings are required on the camera setting itself.  I've selected for mjpeg on the camera. 

Many thanks.  

Hey guys, I am new and slowly building my smarthome, I have the following questions.
I have 6 hikvision camera (DS-2CE56D0T-IRM) and Analog DVR  DS-7108HGHI-F1 HD 720p is there a way via the app or some other way to have the cameras display on the action tiles? If the questions is dumb, please forgive me I am now getting my feet wet in all of this and I need to know what can I use that I already have and adapt it to a smart echo system.Thanks