Shortcut URL for Harmony Android App?

Lucas Mesquita 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by William H 5 years ago 7

Do you have the URL for Logitech Harmony Remote app (android) ?



Super, thanks for this works a treat

hi I would like to get my Harmony remote control in action tile How can I do that , Some body can help me out ,I tried  this it what I did  http://-intent/#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.logitech.harmonyhud/.uiSplashActivity;end

But is obvious is wrong , Can somebody help me out pls thanks 


Try this:


Notes: this is for my Amazon Fire 7 inch version 7

yes is a amzazon fire 7 , I tried but Didn’t work ,

What country are you in? Maybe the name of the com.logitech.harmonyhub is different in your country.

Also, did you side load the app or install the Play Store and download it from there?

Do you have a file explorer on your Fire 7? Maybe you can search for the name of the application and edit the shortcut?