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Transitioning to the new SmartThings platform

Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 months ago in Announcements β€’ updated 4 weeks ago β€’ 26 β€’ 2 duplicates

On September 30, 2022 October 15, 2022 December 31, 2022 SmartThings will shut down their legacy Groovy Platform, which affects all ActionTiles users.

Rest assured that we are working hard to release the migration tools so that ActionTiles will continue to work with the new SmartThings platform! We are hoping to a smooth experience with minimal service interruptions.

We will release more information as it becomes available. Please stay tuned for a series of further announcements.

ActionTiles has become an integral part of many smart homes and businesses since 2017. We thank you for your love and support!

SmartThings announcement on the community forum:


Platform transition FAQs:


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Is there beta access available with the new platform?

Hi Alex,

please include Beta access too!  πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

Are you part of the current AT beta program?

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We haven't decided how to handle Beta in such a short period of time. The most likely approach is to run both integrations in parallel for a while and then cut over to the new platform.

I thought the team had been working on this for a while?😬


We produced a working integration for the new API back in 2019. We were not permitted to go to production with that integration at that time or since. Since then, the API has changed quiet a bit, but is still currently in "preview" with significant limitations. We were hoping for more API and SDK maturity and definitely more advanced warning, but it is what it is...

Thanks for the insight! πŸ™ So what is still missing? I'm confused what has changed between then and now and what we should expect as part of the migration.

Hi Alex.  Any further updates on a Beta test ?



We expect to start migrations after September 7th.


Can't wait.  I've migrated almost all my devices to edge.  And pretty much everything will be working post 30th Sept.  ActionTiles is my final part of the puzzle.

Did you manually migrate your devices to Edge?

Thanks Alex.  If you need any testers etc.  please drop me a line

keep up the good work, on smartthings beta and just converted all my devices to edge now if you need testers.

The APIs, both old and new, don't really care whether devices are edge or groovy. The migration should be pretty seamless.


I would like to provide an update on the state of things.

As of right now, SmartThings is still working on increasing the app installation limit. Currently, the limit is set to 500.

The deprecation date of the Groovy platform has been pushed back to October 15th. The details of transition still remain deliberately murky. Most questions by community and developers remain unanswered. Note that SmartThings still did not issue an email to general customer base about the upcoming changes, yet.

Also note the change in wording, which was issued on the SmartThings Community Forum.

Beginning September 30, 2022, at 00:00 (PST) we will start migrations of Groovy device DTHs as well as SmartLighting and
SevereWeather SmartApps, two of our most popular Smartapps built on Groovy. On October 15th 2022 certain functions of the legacy developer IDE, such as the creation of new DTH’s, Smartapps, and debugging tools will be removed from the SmartThings platform and will no longer be supported.

My interpretation of this wording is that they are closing the developer sections of the IDE. To my knowledge, the IDE is not required to install and use ActionTiles, since AT is an official app. However what actually happens on October 15 remains uncertain.

The replacement app is already in place and we are trying to figure out the best course of action for migration, given the number of ever changing variables and unknowns. Please stay tuned for announcements and updates.


As you may be aware, SmartThings has pushed the deprecation of the legacy platform to December  31, 2022.

My hope is to commence the migration as soon as SmartThings permits it and complete it ahead of the schedule.

As of today, SmartThings still have not increased the app installation limit (they are working on it). 

I've started migrating devices to Edge drivers, but they do not appear in AT as available devices.  Is this because the current version doesn't recognize these devices and I need to wait for the "next version", or is there something I'm missing?  I would MUCH prefer to control these devices from AT!



Both legacy and new APIs do not care about the driver types.

If you have reset your devices, they must be authorized again in order to appear in the inventory.

If you are unable to authorize your devices, please open a private support ticket and include your account information.

Hi Alex,

is it possible the beta can also help migrate smartthings legacy to new API? I have lots of smartthings stuff on Beta. It would really help me a lot. Please help πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ


We will begin migrating the Beta environment next week. The production environment is to follow soon after.


SmartThings has lifted the installation limits for the new connector SmartApps. This is really happening!

ActionTiles will have two connector apps going forth. One for core events and the other one for power and energy events. This is done in order not to blow rate limits and allow us to debounce and throttle incoming data.

How can we get out beta AT over?  I am happy to jump into the pool first

Will the two new apps mentioned be proprietary (app store) or HTML based like now? 

The mentioned app the the connector API apps that are hosted by SmartThings. They manage authentication and event subscriptions.

I'm concerned that I will have to re-create all of my Panels with the migration. Can you provide us with any guidance regarding that? Will your switch to the new system be seamless, simply require reauthorization, or will we need to start from the ground up?

Also, I was speaking with Terry, quite awhile ago at this point, and he suggested I join the beta program. I signed the agreement he sent over but he passed shortly after I believe, so I'm sure it got lost in the mix. If there's still room I believe I would be an asset as a power user but non-programmer.

Robert, to answer your first question:

The migration should happen seamlessly. When you will reauthorize your devices, your existing tiles will be wired up the the new platform.

Please send me a private message regarding the Beta program participation.