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Transitioning to the new SmartThings platform

Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 months ago in Announcements updated by fn4862 1 day ago 183 2 duplicates

On September 30, 2022 October 15, 2022 December 31, 2022 Some time in 2023

SmartThings already started shutting down their legacy Groovy Platform, which affects all ActionTiles users.

Rest assured that we are working hard to release the migration tools so that ActionTiles will continue to work with the new SmartThings platform! We are hoping to a smooth experience with minimal service interruptions.

We will release more information as it becomes available. Please stay tuned for a series of further announcements.

ActionTiles has become an integral part of many smart homes and businesses since 2017. We thank you for your love and support!

Migration instructions:


SmartThings announcement on the community forum:


Platform transition FAQs:


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I don't know if this is the right place to talk about it, I'll try:

My shelly 3EM always shows aligned absorption values on Smartthings, in line with those of the shelly app, but in the action tile these values are wrong because they are delayed by a long time over 10 minutes. Before the migration this was not the case. Do you have any idea why? Thank you

PS: if i try to press update connection from settings/hub, the date will be update correctly

Image 6880

What is the capability of these devices? Maybe it's not a capability that ActionTiles supports and therefore is not subscribed to real time updates.

power meter, the instantaneous absorption in Watts. it worked perfectly before migration.


Power, energy and weather are out of commission at this time. This is mentioned several times in this thread (which indeed became too long).

This functionality will be restored in the coming days.


For anyone with more than 50 SmartThings scenes: I migrated yesterday and indeed I lost all my scenes in the ActionTiles account overview (empty scene list), but the good news is that all my tiles that were previously linked to SmartThings scenes are still functional. So it seems that the loss of scenes has no immediate impact for existing tiles, but for any new scenes it will be impossible to use them in ActionTiles as long as the issue caused by more than 50 scenes has not been solved.


The SmartThings API has a bug when trying to retrieve a list of Scenes that's longer than 50 items. It does not have a problem accepting commands based on Scene IDs.

I can check if there's a way to limit the number or items retrieved to only 50...


A patch went out last night to address this issue. It appears to be working. You should see all your scenes in the list.

Hi , I'm not sure if this is an issue that exists before the migration but I have added 3 nest thermostats and I can see them in ST fine but they don't showed up in AT  as tiles. Everything in the list is there except for the nest thermostats. Is any work around this? I only need to see the temperature values, no control . Thank you 


If you want to control Nest thermostat in ActionTiles, get Hubitat hub and you can control Nest Thermostat via ActionTiles. 

I cannot Migrate one of my hubs. Its a v2.

{"statusCode":404,"message":"Cannot GET /?error=invalid_request","error":"Not Found"}

When I log in to groovy. I see an empty "hardware version" field behind my hub.


If anyone else encounters this error, please see the troubleshooting section which was added to the main instructions article:


There's some error with the SmartThings platform that they are investigating. There's a handful of such reports so far.

If anyone else encounters this issue, please let me know so that I can share more information with the SmartThings support team.

Looks like SmartThings started shutting down Groovy clusters. If you have not yet installed the new ActionTiles connector, you will not have a choice soon.

Can you please explain, step by step, what I have to do to get action tiles working correctly again. Nothing seems to be updating or it's extremely slow to update. I hate the smartthings app and only use action tiles. I have 58 devices, 45 of them have to do with temperatures and turning on smartthings outlets to power heaters or AC. Everything worked fine until today. How do I get this working correctly again?


Thank you. I'll give it a try tomorrow. One question what are the Power and Energy tiles? Probably 50% of my actiontiles tiles are smart plugs that I turn on or off and how much wattage that device is using. These are critical to me as I live in a country home where I use electric heaters to heat in the winter. I know the ST routines will still work and run fine, but I use AT to monitor it all at a glance. The ST app is awful. Thanks for any infor you have on the tiles that won't work anymore. 


Power and energy monitoring tiles will be turned on again in a couple of days.


Thank you. AT rocks, smartthings app does not. I never understood why ST doesn't allow you to choose the data a sensor shows on the tile. I used smartthings back on a windows 10 phone and you could choose on that platform. Shame smartthings just isn't as good as it used to be. Glad I found AT 3 years ago.

Same for me as the tile statuses are not updating as quickly as before.

Today I'm noticing a strange behavior of the dashboard basically doesn't always show the status present in SmartThing. If I turn on a light from the SmartThing on the dashboard it appears to be off, if I command it from the ActionTiles panel it works. How can I solve this problem?

Same here. I have migrated, I am connected to Smartthings (new), and have clicked update several times. I have restarted my tablets. Things are out of sync, none of my motion detectors are active.

There was a combination of events that lead to the loss of event subscriptions. The event stream is now restored and precautions are taken to avoid this condition in the future.

Also, at the same time SmartThings is having an issue with presence detection across the board. And there was an outage with their authentication service.

So, a brief, but intense storm.

Just transitioned to the new app. I can control devices from ActionTiles, but AT does not reflect any changes if I change the state of any devices using any other method (manual, ST App, etc.).


Seems to be a new issue.  I migrated last week and all devices with the exception of the Status's were updated quite quickly.  

It seems to have started around the time that ST started shutting down the Groovy clusters so it may be related or perhaps the servers are just busier

This is happening to me too. No status changes are being reflected in AT. If I reconnect it picks up the status, but these values appear frozen again.

Hi Brian,  I tried that too,  and it brought back the current state of everything but only once.  And more changes weren't sync'd

Ah, I think you're right. Does not look like changes are happening


Successfully followed the Jan 11, 2023 steps to continue using ActionTiles with the New SmartThings Platform..  Looks like I am having the same problem as most people - no update - stale state.  The only way I can update my Action Tiles platforms is manually hit the Update Connection in AT. Control functions appears to be working. 

Must be pretty universal.  My ActionTiles are not updating anymore.  SmartThings updates just fine.

Having the same problem as other not having updated status until manually updating connection, besides that, my garage door opener doesn't work with AT anymore even when it is listed and works fine with ST

Make sure that your door controller has the Door Control capability. The Garage Door Control capability has been deprecated by SmartThings.

according to nexx the device is compatible with SmartThings and I can control the garage for from the SmartThings app, but in AT I only get a ? Symbol and an error 500 if I press it

That's because Nexx never updated their device drivers to use the standard Door Control capability. They are using the deprecated Garage Door Control capability, which is now deprecated.

I'm in the same boat. Things are working and showing correctly in ST and my meross app. No joy for action tiles.


All back up & running correctly 

Thanks guys 


Everything should be up and running and should continue to do so.

If you get an authentication error, please re-authenticate using the (+) button on My Locations page.


Yes, just confirmed I'm getting event updates again. Thanks.


Looks like update issue is resolved! Will continue to monitor. Good Job!

Hi, what did you do to fix the update problem? Thank you


The update problem on Thursday was a legitimate system administration issue. If you are still having any other synchronization issues, please open a private ticket and provide details.

yes seems fine now.  Even mode is updated 

That fixed my issues with Konnected, but I still see issues with lights and switches not updating status. 

post update, what are y’all using now as a smart weather tile? Just a simple tell me the temp outside as of right now based on zip code or city.

Hi AT Team….. when is a weather tile supposed to be functional again? Will I need to do anything or will an existing tile that is now only partially working begin to work again?

Thanks in advance 



This will be looked at as soon as all other fires are put out. Do not do anything to your existing weather tiles (i.e. do not delete).

I was able to successfully add a new device in the IDE, select smartweather as the device type, and it appears to be up to date within SmartThings. Shows up in the SmartThings App as well. I guess waiting to see if/when it will show up as a device to add within AT.

Edit: after a moment - not sure if because I pressed refresh connection but I now see the smartweather tile on my devices to add - awesome!

looks like I spoke too soon and it’s SmartThings on their end that’s not refreshing the smartweather station info after adding.

That's because Samsung is phasing out IDE.  Adding/modifying devices in IDE will not be helpful at all.


SmartWeather station device might no longer work in SmartThings, because it does not refresh anymore. This is a SmartThings issue that's also reported in the broader community.


Popped in just to mention how easy a process you all have made the transition.  Thank you from a long-time fan!

hello, after the migration, some sensors were not transferred to me in smarthings, I can see them and they work, but they disappeared in actiontiles. Does anyone have a similar problem? it seems that some components from the device were not transferred. some equipment as such was transferred, but some of its components were not

Please open a private ticket and include more information about the issue.

I created a private ticket, can you give me some information about my problem?

I have followed the steps and completed the migration, my Hub Status shows as Migrated and Platform as SmartThings (new) but nothing works in my existing panels or any new ones I create, I just get "Error 405: Method not allowed". Any tips on how I can resolve this?

Try migrating again. I did it once worked for about two days and then stopped. Went back to SmartThings and removed At and then reauthorized and it worked. 

I tried the migration a few times but it made no difference. From commonts below sounds like it was a bug somewhere that has now been fixed because everything is working now

I posted this on the facebook smartthings group but copying over here:

Followed these directions and got errors. I re-authenticated from "My Locations" as per the directions but when I press any tile it says "Error 405: Method Not Allowed". I tried to do a refresh from the "My Hub" in My Locations and same error pops up on the webpage. So I went into Linked services, found actiontiles and thought maybe it needed to be re-added again so I deleted it from there. Went back to My Locations page and it says my Hub Status is uninstalled but I can't authorize it back up again. Now I'm stuck.

Image 6903

This issue is now resolved.

https://support.actiontiles.com is the only official support channel. Posting issues on Social Media is counter productive, as it creates more work for support agents to respond to redundant messages.


I had the same issue. I was able to fix this issue. I removed the actiontiles from SmartThings linked services. Then went to actiontiles and added back the SmartThings hub

Nice try, but it was a redundant action in this instance. That was a legitimate service error.

Once all dust settles, you should never need to re-authenticate with SmartThings. Ideally...

yep, that worked for me, but after doing that, ActionTiles disappeared from the ST App from under SmartApps, but may be its not needed there anymore, and any device refresh can by done from the ActionsTiles web interface itself.

ActionTiles will not longer appear under SmartApps. It is now listed under Connected Services.

Bodycount, You you will need to go into "My Licenses" "Add Locations/Hub"

I have migrated successfully but I have an issue with controlling my Sonos devices. If I try to control a Sonos device (play, stop etc…) I get a “Error 500: Unable to process command”. 

For the weather tile (SmartWeather), any estimate when it will work ?

i have migrated mine and my sonos speakers are working ok, so not sure what happened with yours on this


I have removed all my Sonos tiles and re-added them. All good now.


Just wanted to say Thank you, Alex!!  For all of your work on this.

My pleasure! I appreciate the feedback.


Any update on when the power and energy will start working again? Thanks.


The Energy Meter events were activated yesterday. We are monitoring how the system handles it. So far so good.

The Power capability is to follow in the next couple of days.

AT device states not showing persistent accurate real time status (e.g. light on/off status) unless dashboard is occasionally refreshed. Most notable when using smartphone AT dashboard running in background.  Anyone else noticing this issue?

Same here for the device status. My motion sensors have a status of active when there is no motion. I assume it’s not refreshing properly. 

All event subscriptions have been recently reset. If anything gets out of sync, please open a private ticket and include device IDs that are not updating.

Some iOS devices are known to terminate background processes. The only solution so far is to enable the Auto Reload option under App Settings in ActionTiles. This issue is different and is not related to the platform migration.

in that case can you consider adding the option for a 5min reload interval for iOS users alongside the current 30/60/90m intervals which will significantly increase usability and convenience?


will do. This would be a stop-gap measure while we investigate the root cause.


I have noticed a higher latency between the update of Smartthings and AT


We receive thousands of events per second. Some latency is expected. Events should propagated from SmartThings to your Tiles in near real time, up to 5 seconds, on average.


Power events are now streaming again. Energy events have been turned on since last week.


Thanks for the assist Alex! 

great. Max 5 seconds is ok to me.. i really missed it.

Power and energy are working well. Thanks.

Hi All. I've migrated and any tiles linked to individual devices work fine but those tiles linked to groups I created in Trend Setter no longer work. Does anyone have instructions on how to set up lighting groups I can link to a single tile?  Thank you!


Trend Setter got decommissioned along with the other Groovy apps.

The native Lighting Groups are not yet available via the API.

There are ways of grouping lights using the new first party Smart Lighting app that's available in the Discover section of the SmartThings mobile app (select Automations tab, then tap the compass icon on top-right of the screen). However, the actions are only limited to on/off.

Thanks! For others reading this, I found the Discover section as a tab in the Create Routine window (under Automations > + button in top right corner).

I set up a basic group to turn lights 2 and 3 on when 1 turns on. Works but a bit of a delay. Same when I linked all 3 lights to a simulated switch. I need to keep playing with it and hopefully find a better solution. 

Thanks again!

Hi AT Team,  Any update on Weather Tiles functioning properly? 

The SmartWeather Station tiles have several issues.

- They may get deprecated soon due to sunsetting of the Groovy platform.

- The weather information is not refreshed for too long of a period.

We tried to pull the weather data from the Location itself (there's an API provision for that), but about 30% of Locations don't return any weather data at all because geolocation is not configured, so this solution would not work for everyone. We will have to fall back to polling the actual weather devices. This will continue to work for as long as SmartThings allows to keep using the Groovy TDHs. It will take a few mode days to roll this out.

Hi Alex,

Is it possible that we can use this new Weather Edge driver for ActionTile Weather?


I am hoping this driver will be a possible solution for the Weather Tile in ActionTile.

Please let me know. 

The original Weather Tile has been fixed and should continue to work while the DTH works.

Rather than rely on custom code, we should rather implement a new weather tile based on the data that's provided by the API.

hi Alex,

Does that mean you will work on the Weather tile based on the new API?

I jumped for joy when I read this. Unfortunately my temp is still off. Other reading are good to go. 

The Weather Tile should show the same values as the  SmartThings mobile app. Please compare values. 

I compared ST to AT. AT continues to show different than ST. Example, actual temp showing in ST is 82. AT has shown 70 since change from groovy.

Please open a private ticket and include your account information as well as the ID of the device in question. 

You’ll have to forgive me, ID of which device? My tempest station or my hub?

The ID of the weather device that doesn't show the correct temperature. The ID can be found on My Locations page in ActionTiles. 

Just in case this is a problem for anyone else:


I noticed my temperature was still not right in the Action Tile connected to SmartThings Smart Weather Tile (SWT).  So I checked the SWT directly and it was consistent with ActionTiles.  So my issue was the Smart Weather Tile.  It took me a while exploring the issue, but after I deleted the “optional zip code” in Settings for SWT, both the Smart Weather Tile and the Action Tile updated correctly.  Apparently it didn’t like my optional zip code setting.




thanks for that Gary. I deleted the zip in ST and the correct temp is now displaying. I’m hoping the other info gets pushed before long.

Hi Alex,

It looks like my ActionTiles Weather tile is finally working today. It has all the data!!! I just checked Smartthings SmartWeather Station, now the data updates every 10 minutes as opposed to every 6 hours previously. 

Just curious, did smartthings team fix something past 24 hours?  Is this “SmartWather Station” still based on groovy? Or this is the permanent holy grail answer to ActionTile weather tile?  Just little too excited and hope this is not vaporware. 

Image 6982

SmartThings didn't change anything. ActionTiles now polls and refreshes your device using the API. The SmartWeather Station device is still based on Groovy. It will continue to work for as long as SmartThings allows it.

Hi Alex,


So it turns out that my temperature is not changing at all.  Last night when I took off the zip code it changed to 70 degrees, which is correct, but it is still at 70 when it is now 83 here.  Since accessing my SmartThings app it also says 70, this has to be a SmartThings problem.


Good Grief!  If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.




Yeah, it works after you force a refresh or if you delete and re-add it. However, it won't stay updated. So, the final solution appears to still be in the works. I am very appreciative of the work going on and look forward to understanding what the approach will be.

happy that weather is ok now. So smartthings wasnt updating too frequent. But working  and now I also have al the data back in my tiles.

Not weather related but I find I have to refresh the hub connection very frequently for most tiles (I use a lot of virtual switches for my alarm system). 

This is not normal. Please open a private ticket and provide your account information for investigation.

Hi ! I dont know when this happened but I couldn't remove it and It fails when I tried to add the hub again. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance

Image 7011

Check if ActionTiles is listed under Connected Services and remove it (found in the SmartThings mobile app. Tap Menu, then Gear icon on top-right to view Linked Services).

Then, tap the (+) button on this page and authorize your Location again.

This SmartThings bug happens from time to time, but it's unclear how prevalent it is.


It worked thank you so much!