Using a Shortcut Tile to trigger Spotify Playlist

by Synthesis

I've been working on the Wink Relay units this evening getting documentation together on how to get ActionTiles fully operational on them.

One of the things I've done is added Spotify Playlist tiles to my Wink Panels that I built... I can now pop open a pre-defined Spotify playlist from a tile on the panel... If the device running the panel has Spotify on it, it will recognize the URI and launch Spotify to the playlist linked to via the URI in the Tile...

To do this you need the following:

  • Spotify Premium (for the purposes of running the software on the local PC.)
  • Spotify installed on the PC/Mac you are managing the ActionTiles panels from.
  • Spotify on the device you are running ActionTiles on.

1. In the Spotify software on the computer, right click on the playlist you'd like to link to and select Copy Playlist URI:

2. In ActionTiles, add a new URL Shortcut Tile to the Tileset you'd like to place it in, and click Add Shortcut:

3. Paste in the URI, as shown below. (URI has been edited to provide some privacy.)

4. Add to Panel...

  • Click Add. Then, check the box so it shows in your TileSet...
  • On the device running ActionTiles, tap the Tile, and Spotify will launch to the playlist.
  • Hit play, and music will play on the device. If you have network speakers, you can select them as your audio destination.


Here's a way to remotely start the Spotify playlist on your computer.  ActionTiles  -> SmartThings -> TRIGGERcmd -> Spotify on your PC:

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