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Set colors on a per-Tile basis

Stuart Salmon 3 years ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated by dwood3007 1 year ago 2

The new theme builder is a welcome addition, but is still rather limited.  How difficult would it be to give us granular color control over individual tiles?  I, like many here, use simple actuators and virtual switches to control or report on a variety of different functions that we might want to color code by type.  

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Thanks for the the request / feedback, Stuart...

I think we haven't ever bothered opening this as a Feature Request yet, is because the desire is somewhat "obvious". That doesn't mean we have dismissed the intention of implementing it, but no feature is trivial, and this has to be considered in terms of both UI complexity (providing a color UI in the Tile settings requires design consideration) and the usual implementation and testing effort ... and all that is in relative priority to a hundred other Feature Requests.

We also have a few other relevant related requests, some of which have significantly more "utility" than manually assigning colors to individual Tiles. Please be sure to review these and decide carefully where to allocate your Votes.


I've allocated my votes to some of the other threads listed, but to be honest this would still be the ideal case -- individual settings would be the best option, even if not the easiest to implement.