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Combine color coding of Elements Theme (based on device type) with Tile color change behavior of Sballoz (based on status)

gfelcamino 7 years ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated by Orange Bucket 5 years ago 11

I just began setting up my new ActionTiles panel. I was playing around with the different themes and was curious if there is a plan to make a hybrid theme that combines the color coding of "Elements Theme" based on the device type with the icon changing color based on status like "Sballoz Theme" does.

I really like the color coding offered by Elements but the text can be hard to read at the bottom of the tile if the panel isn't right in front of me. Using the Sballoz theme I can mount my panel on a wall and at a glance see if a door is open, a light is one, motion detected, etc. because the tile changes colors from grey to orange.



Please note this similar Topic and perhaps allocate some of your Vote budget to it, if you would find it valuable:


Actually, Sballoz is the only theme I would choose for the same reason you give.


In SmartTiles I used green tiles for the Garage Doors that would change to red tiles when active or open. That would be my preference in ActionTiles as well so that I can see them from a distance as you mention.

I voted for this feature on that basis.


What I'd really like is the ability to pick a state-dependent color for each tile (active vs inactive), or at least by tileset. Voted.


I guess the killer feature I need is the ability to be able to change the colour of any tile on any panel. The feature I want is to be able to highlight the most important tiles on a panel or room by room basis. At the moment, the tablet in the bedroom uses a panel that can see the whole house but I want to highlight the tiles that actually control the bedroom so it is easier when you walk through the door and need to turn the light on.


Please note this similar Topic and perhaps allocate some of your Vote budget to it, if you would find it valuable:

Just added my votes to this one - even before color customization I really want an Elements that behaves like Sballoz (which ain't as purty) - e.g., tile changes color


I couldn't agree more with this request.  Got a little OCD and created my tile layout in excel color coded it so it would make sense.  Looked awesome and then I created it in AT and showed my wife and she was far from impressed.  She said it looks too confusing and I have to agree.  I included a visual.  Yellow - Lights, Orange - Doors and Windows, Gray - Cameras, Blue - Pool, Green - Irrigation, Red - HVAC, White - Random.   While I love Elements Theme like others I love the extreme tile color changes in all the rest. 

Agree with this request. I wondered how I was seeing examples of panels with so many colors - Terry explained it was only the elements theme. I think this would be a great addition.


If you have a convenient server and are prepared to compromise by pressing one tile every time your panel has been refreshed you could simply create a URL Shortcut tile with a shortcut something like:

javascript: $('head').append('<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">');

where style.css is the URL of a stylesheet of your choosing. Your stylesheet could contain lines like:

at-tile[at-tile-type="Clock"][at-tile-intent="info"] { background: #404040; }

It might tide you over.