Presence Sensor - Smartthings New App

matemple61 3 years ago in Configuration & Settings updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 years ago 1

Since I converted from the Classic Smartthings APP I am having troubles with reporting presence of my wifes phone (Samsung Note) and my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9) in Action Tiles.  Not sure if this is on the smartthings side or the integration with Action Tiles.  Is there additional configurations settings that I might have not addressed in the new environment.   Any Insight would be appreciated.   

Used to work fairly well in the classic app - although temperamental at times.   Now it is very inconsistent in reporting presence.



ActionTiles only reports whatever data is available in SmartThings. Please confirm that your presence sensor is indeed reporting the correct information.

Since SmartThings app itself does not display presence sensors, one way to check is to create a Virtual Switch and create an automation that would mirror the state of presence as a state of that switch. Then, looking at the state of the switch will tell you whether the presence is correct.