Changes to the Legacy SmartThings Platform and Mobile App

Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago in Announcements 0

As you know, the SmartThings Classic mobile app will be sunset on October 14, 2020. If you haven't migrated to the new mobile app, you should do this in the coming days. Please refer to the official SmartThings Classic App Transition page for more information.

The new SmartThings app offers most of the same features as Classic with updated interface, as well as powerful automations, a massive device ecosystem, and much more!

The transition process transfers settings from your account, Routines and Smart Home Monitor into the new mobile app. Routines are now Scenes and Automations and Smart Home Monitor is now SmartThings Home Monitor.

The existing Routine and Smart Home Monitor Tiles will no longer function. These deprecated Tiles need to be removed from your ActionTiles Dashboards.

Unfortunately, SmartThings does not offer integration with Scenes and SmartThings Home Monitor to any third party apps at this time. We understand the importance of these features to ActionTiles users and we will offer them when they become available.

Meanwhile, the following workarounds are available to add Scene Tiles and SmartThings Home Monitor to your setup. These workarounds are provided on a best effort basis:

Please note that ActionTiles does not have any dependency on the SmartThings mobile app itself and continues to work with the new platform. The SmartThings mobile app does not need to be installed on the device that displays ActionTiles.