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Custom tiles: group room information/controls into a single tile

SteveP 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Tom Bering 4 years ago 2

Not sure if there is already a feature request for this, couldnt find it, but please point me to it if there is.

I would like to group information/tiles for a single room. I know have different tiles from a single device, that really clutters the screen if you have a lot of rooms. Ideally you would also be able to include a light group/virtual switch

So the ideal user case, for example in case of heating/temp/humidity

min 2x2 tile


Thermostat -  20*  +

Room temperature 26*

Humidity 40%

Lights OFF  /  ON or icon

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ActionTiles does not currently offer functionality to create combo Tiles.

We recommend to create several Panels to logically organize your Tiles per room or whatever makes sense to you. Then you can create an index Panel that contains shortcuts to other Panels.

There are ideas to offer combo tiles with limited information, however it's very tricky to effectively display many bits of information in a tile format.


Would love a way to combine information inside a single tile.
That would open up for a way to display multiple things in a prioritized list.

The usecase would be to show the status of a window that has 3 states, Closed, Open and Slightly opened.
If you could somehow combine data from multiple sources into a single tile and then assign a priority to each status.