oAuth Support?

JayM 4 years ago in Media Tiles / Website Views updated 4 years ago 4

Does ActionTiles support oAuth for authentication with things like Google services (mail, calendar, etc...)?

Authentication works fine if you open AT in a browser, but this doesn't work in the app.

Does this work in a way that I haven't found or is this something that would need to be requested to be added?

Thanks in advance!



ActionTiles does not integrate with Google services at this moment.

You may want to try Fully Kiosk Browser, it might give you better experience authenticating with Google Services.

Could you please describe your use case in more detail?

Hi Alex -

I'm trying to integrate my Google Calendar into an iframe so I can display it in AT.

It works fine in a browser (presumably because Google Apps sees my browser tabs as authenticated), but does not work in the AT app.

It would be great if the AT app could use the calendar API to allow users to embed their calendars.

Thanks for the response!


Hi J,

iCal integration is currently in the works. This will allow you to to embed calendars from Google as well as other providers.

Sounds great!  Thanks for the update.