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Camera feed problems, started suddenly

Jani 4 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated 4 years ago 5


I'm using Actiontiles with 4 different devices. Windows workstation, two phones (android and windows) and one Windows-tablet.

Two days ago camera feeds on Windows-tablet started to flash. All 4 feeds are showing but they are flashing green (background color) every 3-10 seconds. They seem to be doing it always at the same time.

Same panel works with all other devices and tested that same panel with additional two windows laptops too and they are just fine.


- reboot tablet 4 times...

- update windows

- update video card drivers

- install k-lite video codec pack

- test another AT panel with camera feeds

- test new ms edge browser

- test firefox

- test chrome (which is browser that I have been using successfully all the time)

- disable chrome extensions

- reset chrome settings

..and nothing helps. Any ideas what might be the issue? Windows tablet hasn't been updated, nothing new has been installed or changed. Problem started suddenly so it's weird and I do not know what to do next.


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This is very weird. Did you check whether Media source definition includes the option to refresh image periodically? Maybe you turned it on my mistake?

I don't have any other theories at this moment.

There were no recent changes to Media Tile implementation and there are no other reports of similar issues.

Yep, this is weird. Thanks for the tip but there is no setting that has been changed and it would probably cause issues with other devices too. I do not really no where to look anymore. What a problem :/

Not sure what the problem is but I found a solution how to fix it. I had 4 different camera feeds when problem occurred. Removed 3 feeds from panel and left just one.... fixed...  :O 

Hi. Did this problem start when you added 3 more cameras? If all video streams are served from the same server, maybe the server is overloaded?


No it didn't. I have been using all my 6 cameras in differen't panels. This panel had only 4 camera feeds and it worked two years normally. Server is running ok and all the other panels are working just fine and this problematic panel is working in every other device but not with tablet anymore.