August Lock Functionality

Craig Thomas 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated 4 years ago 4


I was excited that August Smart Locks are now officially supported in SmartThings. Post here (https://august.com/blogs/home/introducing-our-newest-integration-august-smartthings).

I have this set up and working in SmartThings. When I added it to ActionTiles today, I am able to see it and create a lock tile and a sensor tile. However, is there any way to combine these similar to my Garage Door tile with MyQ rather than having 2 tiles?

The type in graph.api.smartthings.com is showing it as "placeholder" with "No states found." Just curious if there is anything else that can be done or I should select to make this better.


Craig T.


Hi Craig,

At the moment, there's no way to combine tiles. There's a number related feature requests under considerations.



Thanks, Alex. Didn't know if it was something with the lock or a limitation. Appreciate the response.

I've long had my August Gen 1 (Bluetooth only) working through ST via the August Connect. I don't see that this makes my device any "smarter".

FWIW, this is what the IDE shows for my device connected this way:

Device Network IdAugust|:Lock|:undefined
Date Created2020-04-07 11:51 PM EDT
Last Updated2020-05-18 12:27 PM EDT
DataNo data found for device
Current StatesNo states found
Execution LocationCloud

Ah. Thanks for sharing, Greg. Wasn't sure if mine was weird or normal. At least I have ST and ActionTiles control now!