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Ability to show a switch as a contact sensor

Neil Dingwall 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by James Batchelor 4 years ago 4

By way of background I use the elements theme because I find the different colors for different types of tile make for good visual grouping.

I have 10 or so contact sensors which are grouped together and appear as orange. However I am using some wyze contact sensors which are used via ifttt to set a virtual switch in smartthings. Therefore these “contact sensors” show as on/off on green tiles.

It would be helpful to be able to choose to represent  switches as contact sensors to fix this.

Never mind. Found a solution. I changed device type from virtual switch to virtual Alexa switch. This device type allows for either a switch file or contact sensor tile.

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You can also set a regular Switch Tile into a read only mode and then select the icon that suits you. Such Tile would be indistinguishable from a Contact Sensor Tile.

thanks Alex but I am not sure I am following your suggestion. I changed the tile’s security setting to view only which stops it operating and I can obviously change the icons for on/off state to be consistent with my contact sensors BUT the elements theme still shows it as green not orange- am I missing something?

Also the tile footer still says on/off and not open/close?

I use a sim contact sensor  + webcore to group my open/close sensors.  if any 1 sensor is open then set sim to open else sim is closed. so the actiontile looks like a std contact sensor.