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Panel shortcut - option to bind to switch

MaxVonEvil 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Kevin1 4 years ago 3

Hi, I'd like to request a feature by where it's possible to bind the status of a switch device (virtual etc) to how a panel shortcut tile is presented. The use case is that I have a master panel, which breaks out into several sub panels for the house; garage, pool control, office, etc. When something is going on in a given sub panel, I would like it to light up (accent), letting me know something is out of the ordinary. I control all this with a dedicated webcore piston, keeping an eye on the status of specific devices in a given area, flipping a virtual switch,placed as a (security:read-only) tile underneath each shortcut tile, It currently looks like this:

Image 4897

The It works as intended, however it's wasting valuable tile space.

In summary I'd love to see an option by which a shortcut tile's appearance could be modified by way of a switch.

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Hi Max,

Am I correct to rephrase this requirement as "Switch Tile that acts as a shortcut"? This could be neat and it's also applicable to other tile types...

or... an action pull down in the settings for all tile types with a few options...

-default tile action (toggle)

-go to panel

-go to URL

Absolutely, that would work swimmingly. I would further refine it as "Switch Tile that CAN act as a shortcut", presuming it would be an option on the existing switch tile type.