How do I control color temperature with a tile?

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I've noticed with color fixtures (Hue, sylvania LED, etc.) that the tile color picker does not effect color temperature. For example, with Sylvania LED light strips, when I adjust the color picker in the white range the white LEDs (visible on the light strip) never come on. But when I adjust color temperature in ST they do come on.

How do I adjust color temperature with a tile?


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Color temperature control is not implemented, yet. It's definitely on our to-do list, but we don't have an ETA, yet.

Excellent! Looking forward to it!!!

There's another thread started three years ago with the same "not...yet" response, among others saying it's "high on priority list". I've used a number of tile/engine/dashboard services for SmartThings and ActionTiles is in most respects the best, by far. So, I am totally surprised to find during my trial subscription that is not yet implemented as every other such system I have tried, for all their egregious deficiencies compared to Action Tiles, has light temp control. Sending light temp is no more difficult than dimming, except perhaps for some basic arithmetic depending upon how the bulb's specific API expects temp values.  I saw the previous comments about the woes of a color picker. A plain slider for K value, as with dimming, would be a fine consolation prize.  

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Brilliant! Works great! Amazing work. Thank you!

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