Capability Color Temperature control

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ActionTiles currently does not support controlling Capability Color Temperature. This would be a useful addition, in order to adjust the white temperature of such bulbs, in the same way colour can be adjusted for colour bulbs.

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I have a pair of Ambient Hue Bulbs in the bedroom that would best suited to control the temperature between the Day/Night for better sleep cycles. Right now I can only turn them off and on with ActionTiles.

Any update on this? I like AT and plan to buy it, just not without the color temperature feature.


We advise potential Customers to not purchase an ActionTiles License if they depend on any one particular existing or planned feature, because there's no guarantee a that any particular feature will continue to operate indefinitely, per our Terms of Service.

Meanwhile, we do not publish ETAs for the implementation of features or bug requests. Topics are updated if there is progress to report.

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ActionTiles does not yet support controlling Color Temperature.