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ActionTiles currently does not support controlling Capability Color Temperature. This would be a useful addition, in order to adjust the white temperature of such bulbs, in the same way colour can be adjusted for colour bulbs.

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I have a pair of Ambient Hue Bulbs in the bedroom that would best suited to control the temperature between the Day/Night for better sleep cycles. Right now I can only turn them off and on with ActionTiles.

Any update on this? I like AT and plan to buy it, just not without the color temperature feature.


We advise potential Customers to not purchase an ActionTiles License if they depend on any one particular existing or planned feature, because there's no guarantee a that any particular feature will continue to operate indefinitely, per our Terms of Service.

Meanwhile, we do not publish ETAs for the implementation of features or bug requests. Topics are updated if there is progress to report.

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ActionTiles does not yet support controlling Color Temperature.

Count me in for color temperature control!

When I connected my Sylvania Smart+ LED Strip, the Color Capability came across in the AT Tile, but no Color Temperature available for I have added a HALO LED Retrofit downlight to my ST app (Eaton RL460WHZA69)..

I also would appreciate if this feature were added. 

Alex & Terry, thanks for a continually evolving and outstanding product.

I have to throw a couple of votes in the color-temperature-selector pot, in the hopes that it's on the roadmap for sooner rather than later. I've got more and more RGBW lamps around the house and getting them back to Natural Light requires I have to grab the SmartThings app to restore the color temp. I've got kriskit's TrendSetter SmartApp handling the bulb groups, it seems he had similar challenges a while back, yet now the app supports color-temperture too.

So, I've considered making a piston combined with a virtual switch exposed in AT to switch to set 2700k Natural light, but it seems a bit of a hack Especially if there is a chance this is right around the corner.

While we don't give ETAs, I will say this isn't a high priority.

We see setting color temperature as being best done via Scenes - and are working on direct execution of Scenes from ActionTiles as a more important feature.


Not asking for an ETA; however I would like to advocate the case of having a color-temp slider, preferably right under the current level slider on the color selector. Personally, I try to avoid using Scenes, as they are static per nature.

If you think about it, just like the lighting level the color temperature of an environment is actually a quite personal thing, which is either affected by, or can affect the mood you are in. Thus it would make great sense to create a way to quickly personalize it.

Second, as most RGBW bulbs have a separate set of LED's to handle the white light, it feels like AT's color selector currently is limited to the "party lights" colors as the center white only tries to mix up the RGB colors which gives a "dirty white".

I believe you would receive three cheers and a hooray from the community if you reconsidered your position on this topic :-).

Thanks for the note. We really appreciate comments that genuinely contribute to the discussion and help us understand the value of each Feature Request.

Indeed, I personally have 3 Votes allocated to this, as like to tune Color Temperature from time to time. The priority of every request is always just relative to both popularity and complexity. There's a bit of extra complexity under-the-covers for this one, because the "color picker" widget we are using does not have a slider option inherently: Such widgets are designed for on-screen colors: we use the same widget for Tile Colors, etc., as for Light Bulb Colors. We'll see how it goes.


Just gave it a whirl. Evidently one has to recreate the RGBW lamp tiles, as existing ones are not affected. The new ones work like a charm with my Sylvania B30 bulbs.

@Alex - Small suggestion for improvement: Like the level slider above displays the current level numerically, it would be helpful if the color temp slider did the same; sometimes one would like to know the color temperature value for programmatic purposes.

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