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Hi. Is possible use SONOFF camera with hub SAMSUNG SMARTHINGS and action tiles? Thanks !

FABIO 4 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by Ike O. 4 years ago 2
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Please visit the SmartThings Community forum where you will find assistance in learning how to develop "Device Type Handlers" for integrating Sonoff devices into SmartThings, and, in turn, to ActionTiles.


If Sonoff offers MJPEG video streams, it can be easily displayed using a Media Tile.

You can always check out Blue Iris.

I'm an MAC guy (but slowly fading out of that and flirting with PC again:))))

and tried tons of workaround for cameras vs Action Tiles. 

Finally bought a simple PC and went for Blue Iris and since then my camera tiles are working "almost" perfectly.

I get a frozen media tile maybe once every copule of months and a simple clikh on it, fixes the problem.

ps: My wall tablets are ipad 2nd gen (what a mistake) maybe that's the cause of frozen media tiles.