Static text on a tile?

Ryan McGinty 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Brian Diehl 4 years ago 5

I am wondering what the recommended method to simply add a tile that has information on it is? For instance, I am making an "Emergency Info" with the address, phone numbers for non-911 emergency services in my area etc. I just need to create a tile and essentially give it a caption. I've searched for other topics, but most get more complicated than what am looking to do. Is there a simple method to accomplish this? Thanks in advance for any information! 


Ryan, the simplest way to do that is to create a Media Tile displaying a blank image, then edit it's header to enter your information.

We have a feature request and plant to add a Memo tile which will achieve exactly what you need, but we don't have an ETA for this feature, yet.

Ok, cool - does there happen to be a way to trick it into doing a line break on a caption?  I couldn't find a way to trick it into not encoding a <br /> or something similar but curious if you have any ideas for a quick workaround on that...

Hi Ryan,

I tried a couple of things but unfortunately it's not possible to insert HTML elements or New Line character into a label.

I made a chores list for my kiddos. Create a document / slide and format it, take a screenshot. Hard part is you have to post it on Internet somewhere. I think I used google drive but you have to click around to find the URL to the image. Always test the URL in a new browser tab to see if it shows as an image. Then paste into new media tile. 


I know this is old, but there is a decent solution on Google.

Create a chart with the text and publish that. Can update it and it will update on the dashboard, too.