Need recommendation for a 4K PTZ Cam that works with AT and Blue Iris

Monu 5 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated 5 years ago 2

Anyone in here uses a PTZ cam that is 4K in resolution and works with AT and Blue Iris?

Currently I have a wyze cam, but I think I need something better.

So I also have this issue where the camera feeds freeze.. will reducing the frame rate in BI help?

Whats the ideal frame rate for the feeds not to freeze. I am using the latest gen FireTAB's 10".

Does it also mean, if i reduce the frame rate, it will depricate the frame rates while recording the video to the DVR? is there a way to just decrease the frame rate for streaming, but True frame rate while storing the feeds?


I use Amcrest 4k indoor and outdoor cameras with BI, Smartthings, and AT.

I don't think the AI functionality that is being built into cameras in my price range are ready for prime time so I passed on that.

I also tried some of the ultra inexpensive cameras such as Wyze Cam and was not happy with the results. 

Once you are using BI and a camera compatible with BI it is going to work with and AT. 

The Amcrest cameras are a good value in general and the video quality and compatibility are excellent. 

In addition, the build quality is better than most. I think when Amcrest split from their Chinese supplier FosCam a few years ago they have upped their game. 

I currently have 6 Amcrest cameras and I plan on adding 6 move mostly under the roof eve but a couple scattered around outside.

I also have one 1080p Outdoor large PZT from SUNBA that is about 2 years old. The model is 601-D20X. 

Excellent camera as well but I am sure there are more choices in that niche now. 

Awesome. so what Amcrest 4K PTZ cam are you using?

Also, are you getting these constant freezes on your AT? Did you have to change the refresh rates?