Shields.io Megathread

Eric Wright 5 years ago in Media Tiles / Images updated 5 years ago 1

I wanted to create a thread with the Shields.io interface for folks to share their thoughts and ideas. I really enjoy this method of creating image tiles as it is very dynamic and versatile.

First and foremost, we need to understand what shields.io is. https://www.shields.io/ is a website hosting a free and open source web app capable of making "badges" utilizing API integration for dynamic text display. I've so far only seen one awesome idea with shields.io using ActionTiles, but it turns out it works perfectly for our Media Tiles! The only downside is the amount of text being displayed. I would not recommend any more than four 4-letter words, as any more than that generates an image with text too small to read and with great length it looks horrible. 

I will update this thread as new ideas are added. Please do not discuss in this thread those ideas, instead, please create a new thread, discuss the idea there, and I will add it's link here. Thanks!!