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Open media fullscreen from SmartThings using Fully API or ActionTiles API

Christophe 5 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated 5 years ago 2

I would like my fire tablets under Fully browser to open my camera media tile fullscreen when motion are detected. Since fully browser support REST and js call, is there a way to do that from webcore maybe ?
Thank you

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Hi Christophe,

There are a few Topics in the SmartThings Community that explore working with the Fully API; via a Device Handler, or WebCoRE, etc.. Combined with Tasker there are a lot of potential possibilities.

At this time, ActionTiles does not have any "deep links" to specific Tiles, and that probably is a hurdle for your desired use case.

We are thinking of such functionality; though it would have a rather small niche user-base... so can't promise much priority on this.

Thanks for the idea,


Thank you Terry for the detailed answer as usual.
I've found these DTH already and done the same from webcore directly. Looking forward when AT will support "deep links" even though I understand this might not be a very popular request... yet :)