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Maximize Media Tile upon Camera Motion Detection

elmo44 5 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 3

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody has idea how ti implement the following functionality. I have 2 cameras on my one of my panels. They are refreshing every 0.5 second and when I tap on any of them the screen maximizes to full screen. When I tap it again, it goes back to the normal panel view with other items. These two cameras have motion detection built in and I would love to implement this. When the camera detects the motion automatically go to full screen for say 10-15 seconds and then go back to the normal panel view.

I am using Fire TV HD with Fully Kiosk browser.

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Hi Elmo,

We have various Feature requests related to having Panels do things automatically upon various Events (e.g., change Panel Theme at nighttime...), so that may lay the foundation for this.

But there are a few issues here:

  • Different Cameras handle motion detection in different ways. tinyCam Pro uses the Axis API which we could possibly tap into, though it would better fit our existing foundation if the trigger were a SmartThings compatible Motion Sensor (or a Device Handler that emulated a Motion Sensor based on each cameras API).
  • I think there is some non-trivial delay zooming a Media Tile (though I suppose it depends on the camera, Blue Iris, tinyCam, speed of tablet, etc.). But still, I would think that in many motion cases, the object triggering the motion will be out of the frame by the time the Media Tile has zoomed and connected to the stream.

I have to reiterate that ActionTiles isn't "video monitoring software" and being mobile browser based imposes quite a few limitations. We also don't have the expertise that video App developers have.

This specific functionality is certainly best handled with a specialized App, such as tinyCam, Blue Iris, etc.. We can aspire to it, but the complexity and lack of confidence keeps us from making this much of a priority.

I'm still fairly new to ActionTiles, but I've been trying to find ideas for a similar situation. I'd like to see where Actiontiles could maximize a media tile, or switch to a specific panel, based on a Smartthings switch or motion event.

Example 1: I have a SmartThings motion sensor on my front porch, and a camera for my front porch set up in actiontiles as a media tile.  If the front porch sensor detects movement, have actiontiles switch to the specified front porch media tile for X seconds.

Example 2: I have a SmartThings virtual switch for an Alarm.  If the Alarm virtual switch turns on, have action tiles switch to / display my Security panel.

Hi Charlie,

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