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"Smart Locks" tile?

Gib 5 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 3

I've searched for any previous posts about this, but maybe I'm the first to ask about it. I find that hard to believe. 

We've got the ability to have the SHM tile, which seems to work well. Within the SmartThings app, SHM lives in a card on my dashboard called "Home Solutions". The other thing that lives in that card is "Smart Locks". 

"Smart Locks" is actually really useful..... So, why can't I have a tile for "Smart Locks" in AT like I have for SHM?  I just want a single tile that shows if all doors are locked or displays how many are unlocked. If I click it, it should either take me to another panel or perhaps a pop up like the pin pad that lists all of my locks (preferably with a button at the top that I can click to lock all), or check each individual lock on that panel to either lock or unlock separately. 

Is Samsung just not allowing access to that function?

On Hold: Discussion Open
Is Samsung just not allowing access to that function?

Correct, unfortunately.

SmartThings does not provide an API into SmartApps nor most Solution Modules (a special type of SmartApp, such as SHM).

We are optimistic that this will change over time as they expand the capabilities of the new SmartThings Cloud API. For example, the new API will soon allow us to directly active Scenes.

Seems odd that they'd let provide access to SHM, but nothing else.  These are the things that make ST so damned frustrating.....that and the ridiculous delays caused by the cloud.

We've been a part of the SmartThings "community" since the Kickstarter - over 5 years ago.

We are not surprised at anything that SmartThings does (or doesn't) do. We know there are a lot of really great people working there. We're impressed (but no longer surprised) that the original foundation of the platform has actually held up so well, even as it goes through waves of evolution. While it is important to have no expectations, there's plenty of evidence to support longevity and iterative improvements.

If SmartThings does not open an API into Smart Locks, there will likely be various viable workarounds.