Netatmo: No Thermostat Tile option

Kevin Spencer 5 years ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 5

Hi all,I'm new to actiontiles and I'm trying to get the control of my thermostat working. 

My panel shows the current temperature of the thermostat but doesn't give me the option to change the temperrature.

I have full control in smarthings but when I first setup actiontiles and I sync with smarthings and imported my devices it wasn't in the list  

Can someone advise what may be the problem?

Cheers, Kevin.


I looked through our records and we had another Customer report this problem, and we do not have a solution yet.

The problem is that ActionTiles is coded to look for various specific "Capabilities" reported by the Device Handler so that we can assign a Tile Type.

For a Thermostat Tile, we look for Capability "Thermostat".

Unfortunately, the Netatmo reports only these Capabilities:

  • [Temperature Measurement, Refresh, Thermostat Mode, Thermostat Heating Setpoint, Health Check]

Just reporting "Thermostat Mode" and "Thermostat Heating Setpoint" is not the same as reporting "Thermostat".

But getting SmartThings to fix this will be hopeless. We have had success with many of these in the past, but a lot of the engineers that we are familiar with there have left the company. We will try to follow-up with them anyway.


I will research to see how difficult it might be to update ActionTiles to be more lenient and use the available reported Capabilities to indicate a Thermostat.

Sorry I can't give you an estimated timeline. We'll update the post with any news.



hi Terry thanks for getting back to me.

i thought that whatever worked in SmartThings would work in actiontiles.

i can't seem to find a solution that allows my devices to all work under one roof there always seems to be compromise. 

Thanks for looking into this for me. 


I thought that whatever worked in SmartThings would work in actiontiles.

That is an incorrect assumption, Kev. ActionTiles works like all SmartApps - i.e., it interfaces with the published standard Capabilities of Devices. These are abstractions (simplifications) of Devices of similar Types so that any SmartApp can expect the same Attributes and Commands to be available. A Thermostat should have a Set Point, for example, and a Command to change that Set Point; and Commands to change the Thermostat Mode, Fan, etc..

There is no mechanism available from SmartThings for ActionTiles to directly read the Device Type Handler code and implement the arbitrarily complex custom handlers and user interfaces that can be loaded into the SmartThings App. SmartThings was never designed for a product like ActionTiles. We exceeded their expectations, while staying within their standards!

ActionTiles is only compatible with specific Types & Capabilities listed here: Compatible SmartThings Capabilities (Device Type abstractions)

Fixed: Please Comment

Hi Kevin,

We deployed a fix on Monday evening that might have resolved this issue. ActionTiles should now offer a Thermostat Tile if it finds either of the "Setpoint" Capabilities.

Please test and let us know if it works!



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