Skype shortcut on Fire HD in landscape mode

Michael Cook 5 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated 5 years ago 2

I'm having an issue with a shortcut url tile that opens a Skype call to a person. I followed the knowledgebase article to set up the shortcut and the tile. From my PC and phone it works fine. Opens Skype with the contact and I can click start call to call the contact. It works this way on my Fire HD 8 in portrait mode as well. However, in landscape it hangs on the Skype chats screen. Sometimes I briefly see the call screen but the chat screen pops over top of it. If I rotate the tablet to landscape then the call screen displays. Any ideas?

Forgot to add that landscape works fine if Skype is opened manually and then click on contact then video call or if I modify the shortcut to Skype: which opens Skype from the tile and repeat manual call steps.


Not sure we can help much with the Skype App; but ...?

What browser are you using? There's a chance that Fully is forcing Landscape mode (or something?); so it is worth doing some experimentation with Silk, Chrome, etc..

Thanks Terry. I have tried multiple browsers but each has the same issue. I think I will try another video app.