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Toggle swapping of Heating / Cooling Thermostat Tile

Israel Derdik 5 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Bloodtick 5 years ago 4

Now that spring is upon us, I find myself redoing all my panels to switch the heating thermostats into cooling thermostats. This process involves adding the cooling thermostats to the panel, arranging them so they are next to the old heating thermostats and then removing the old heating thermostats. For 3 panels. I'll have to do the same thing in reverse in 6 months. Instead, can AT show the heating or cooling thermostat automatically based on the System mode of the thermostat in question? Or add a new "Dynamic Thermostat" tile to keep backward compatibility? Or if that's too difficult, allow an easy toggle in the tile settings to flip it between heating and cooling? The Dual thermostat takes up too much room on my screen to use like this.

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Thanks for submitting this request, Israel!

We're not likely to implement it in time for this season change, but let's collect votes and any clarifying ideas. (Remember you can VOTE for your own idea.)

It does sound a little tedious. Personally I'd probably maintain separate heating and cooling panels and use a tiny script to redirect to the URL of the one I wanted. Not ideal though.

That's an option but then any tweaks I make to my panels need to be made twice. As you say, not ideal.

I do the same. Summer time - flip to cool thermo. Winter time - flip to heat thermo. Would be great if it just updated the icon and configuration based upon cool, heat selection. Would add that not all of the heat/cool/auto functions and auto/circulate/on functions are available so allowing to limit selection would be other user case.