Fully Issue: Screen dims and Motion does not reactivate?

KevinA 5 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated by Bruce Young 5 years ago 3

I have AT running on two Fire 8 tablets identically configured, and using licensed Fully with activate on camera motion configured. This works fine 99% of the time, but occasionally, I will find that AT is at the My Panels screen, the screen is dimmed, and neither motion nor activity on the screen restores the brightness. I have to fumble through Fire Settings on a very dim display and turn the display brightness back up.

Here's the thing. This happens about once every 4-6 weeks on one Fire 8, and several times a week on the other.

Some of my settings that might be pertinent:

  • Web Content: Settings/Start URL: https:/app.actiontiles.com
  • Device Management: Keep Screen On is enabled, Launch on Boot is enabled, Screen Off Timer is zero.
  • Screen Saver: Set Screensaver Brightness to zero, and set Screensaver timer at 120 seconds.
  • Motion Detection: Enable Visual Motion Detection on, Turn Screen on Motion on, Exit ScreenSaver on Motion on.

I have this problem as well. The Fully FAQ lists this as a known issue with Fully on Fire tablets and I corresponded with the author who told me there were no plans to actively track down the issue and fix it. In my case, I can live with the amount of light emitted from a black screen, so I turned off dimming and just use the black screen (at full brightness) to dim the display during the night. But if I had it mounted in a different location, that would not be dark enough. 

Thanks for that reply. I have seen others mention this as well, but was hoping someone had come up with a resolution. For your workaround, are you saying you set the Screen Saver to black screen in Fully? Or in FireOS? And you can still use the motion detection to awaken again, right?


I set up the black screen in Fully settings - Screensaver Wallpaper URL (that is the default), but do not set it to dim. I still use motion detection to awaken. It seems to be fairly reliable. I haven't had it go to the lock screen or require a reboot in a couple of weeks now.