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RPi Camera Feed via Web Interface?

AndyJ 5 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by Robb 5 years ago 2

I use RPi Cam Web Interface on a Raspberry Pi for a security camera and I'm trying to get that working in AT.  Details here:


in my browser, "basic" feed will be something like:

But I can't get this to work in AT.  Any help would be gratefully received.

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You need to be sure to have to URL for the plain MJPEG stream. ... There's a lot of information on that Wiki, so I just skimmed it, but didn't find an easy answer. Please link to a specific Chapter if you want to suggest one.

What exactly happens when you visit that URL from a plain browser tab (e.g., Chrome, Silk) outside of ActionTiles?

Do you get just the image stream with no login required?

Or is there stuff (buttons/controls) around the image?

Right-click or long-tap the image... Is there an "Open in New Tab" or Save As option? That might be the better URL, if so....


I am running motioneyeos on my Pi (plenty of documentation on how to do that) and once you're logged into the web interface using the ip address, if you enable advanced options and click on video streaming, look for "useful URLs" and there you go, simple as can be and it's working on my panels.. I'm new to Raspberry Pi but I have to say motioneyeos is pretty slick for cams