Panel Resolution for Kindle

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Hi all,

Has anyone found the perfect Panel sizing for the Kindle HD 10 and Kindle 7 by any chance?

To fill the Kindle 7 screen horizontally i have to have some of the tiles cut off at the bottom.

For the HD10 i have to have some blank space along the bottom as the panel does not scale correctly.

It does however scale fine for iPads.

Is there a way to better customise the resolution to fit Kindle devices, as i've tried playing around with everything on the Dimensions tab, but can't quite fit the full screen.




What edition of the Fire HD7 and HD10 do you have? The screen resolutions have changed over the years.

For landscape mode, there is generally no or few integer number of Tiles across by down which perfectly fill the screen. Tiles are squares screens are rectangles. There is a glitch in the layout engine that prevents a couple of possible ratios from working. We are researching this; but the calculation is deep in the engine code and not easy to correct.

For example, on a Fire HD8, the perfect fit ratio is 8w (across) x 5h (down) - and that works in portrait as 5w x 8h, but the layout engine always rounds this to 7w or 9w, and thus will always have fractional Tiles at the bottom row.

Changing the Tile spacing is unlikely to help, as the rounding error always kicks in. You can verify this by turning your Tablet to portrait mode and adjusting the Tile Size until you get 8 across (or possibly more on the HD10) and a perfect fit down ... but turn the Tablet to Landscape and the Tiles will resize "responsively" and unfortunately not use the same ratio.


Hi Terry,

It's the 7th edition HD10 and the 3rd edition HD7.

Good to know that it's a just a quirk in the scaling ration and nothing i could really do too differently. It's not he end of the world, i just wondered if i was missing something obvious.

Thanks again,


what did you end up doing/using for your hd10? i have one as well, that i'm trying to setup to use since my nexus 7 died, and the arrangement i had on that isn't working on the hd10
the tile sets are misaligned now and everything only takes up about 2/3 of the screen

The screens are different proportions, so an exact match may be impossible.

  1. Try various (larger) Tile Size options in Panel Appearance Settings.
  2. If you use Fully, experiment with its Web Zoom and Scaling - Initial Scale setting.

i checked in fully and zooming is enabled but there doesn't appear to be a setting for it other than on/off? is that a plus option

i've tried playing around with the tile sizes and i can't get things to line up/stack with all the default real estate size of the hd10 lol  

It's not a PLUS option. Enable the numeric zoom Initial Scale input by toggling off "Use Wide Viewport".

How many Tiles across did your Panel have on the Nexus 7? We don't have an explicit option to set the same fixed number of Tiles on any screen (but are considering it). Due to dynamic responsive rounding of the Tile Size, you might not find a Scale or Size (or Tile Spacer Size) to match the Nexus 7.


Ah well i just paid for the plus license thinking it was needed (prior to seeing your reply)
honestly i don't remember what the nexus showed, it was maybe 6-7 tiles wide?
i don't need to match the nexus, with the much larger screen i'm looking for more information to display (like radar map) so just trying to rearrange everything to try to get 1x1 switch tiles to stack next to 2x? information/media tiles