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SHM and buzzer

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I am using a routine to set my SHM to Armed(Away) with the button Arm Away No PIN at my exit door pad. I have a Konnected buzzer with an exit/entry delay (using SHM Delay). I use the same ActionTiles button to arm my system from my bedroom pad when going to bed. I can control the buzzer with webcore (on/off). Is there a way to turn off the buzzer when arming from my bedroom pad so that I don't get the exit delay before going to bed?

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Can you share more details on the exact WebCoRE function used for this, please?

Isn't it just a Switch?

Yes, just a switch. I was hoping that I could incorporate control of that buzzer in the actiontiles routine to turn on the alarm.

Not sure I understand.

ActionTiles just runs SmartThings routines and calls specific commands to arm/disarm SHM. We don't have macros or our own automation engine, as that would be redundant with SmartThings and WebCoRE, etc..; and add a lot of complexity and potential confusion.

I suppose such macros could be a feature request for the future... In the meantime, perhaps use a SmartThings Routine to trigger both the switch and SHM (if possible? ... or a WebCoRE Virtual Switch?).

I added an instruction to the ST Arm routine to turn off the buzzer when running that routine. The buzzer still sounds.

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I recommend checking Live Logging to see what order the commands are executed in or whatnot.