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Video not streaming after screensaver

Ola Mallaug 5 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated 5 years ago 2

I have a media tile that is streaming video from Blue Iris. I use Dakboard as a screen saver. This is running on an Amazon Fire tablet.

The media tile is not streaming after dismissing the screen saver (Dakboard). I have to maximize the media tile for the stream to resume.

Anyone had this problem? Any ideas for what I can try to fix this?

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Hi Ola,

Not everyone is experiencing this, but certainly more than a few. We have generally concluded that there is nothing that ActionTiles can do to improve it, but it doesn't hurt to discuss it again and see if we find another clue.

I personally run 2 tinyCam transcoded Wyze Cam feeds on my main Panel (at a slow fps - frames per second rate of 1 fps), and one of them tends to freeze, even without use of a screen saver. I have not had time to attempt diagnosis.


  • What browser are you using?
  • Have you tested with different browsers (Silk and Firefox)?
  • Have you tested on a different device (phone, PC, Mac)?
  • Can you lower the stream quality in the Media definition (e.g., lower fps, lower resolution, different compression)?
  • Try changing the Media definition to claim the URL is a "Still Image (SMV)" but still use the streaming URL. That way you can set a periodic reload of the stream URL (perhaps 600 seconds).

Sorry we don't have better news. There are so many variables involved - camera, Blue Iris, browser, resources, network, ...

I believe that Customers are most satisfied by setting their Media Tiles to use snapshots only (i.e., the "JPG" URL, not the MJPEG).  MJPEG is a highly inefficient and resource intensive format. We are not optimistic there is a solution to improve stability of MJPEG feeds in the browser.



Terry, thank you for the reply.

I'm using "Fully Kiosk Browser", but I will test it out on different browsers to see if that makes any difference.

I'll also test out the other suggestions from your reply and follow up with my findings soon.